Peré Creates Apparel With Tech On The Cutting-Edge, For Kids Who Take It To The Edge


What gets you amped to get out and ride more than shiny new gear? Kids are the same! So get them excited for the ride and keep reading to check out this new line of cutting-edge kids’ apparel from Peré.


Children’s cycling kits tend to get little attention especially where it counts, in fabric and design technologies. With a bloodline that can be traced back to an industry-leading apparel designer (Rapha), fellow British company Peré has decided to apply similar technology to its fresh line for active kids.


Whether little Jonny or Jane digs spinning the pedals, pounding the pavement, or lapping the pool (or all three), Peré has them covered, from ages 5 to 12.



The cycling range encompasses the essentials, shorts, jersey, and jacket, but incorporates an impressive amount of breathable/wicking yet water/wind resistant technologies.


Jak0zilla - 10/28/13 - 11:53am


Slow Joe Crow - 10/28/13 - 5:56pm

It’s nice looking kit, but price and availability are a concern. The company is in the UK and pricing is in GBP. A pair of shorts is around $80 shipped to the US versus $40 at the Pearl Izumi outlet store 20 miles away where I outfit my kids.

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