IB13: Zoic Celebrates 20 Years of Style

Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (1)

Ride more, dress well. Whether you’re gearing up for a spin around town, an epic trail ride, or runs at the bike park, Zoic has a stylish offering to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The 2014 line is heavy on the bright colors, plaids, and prints with new goods for both men and women in Core Trail, Gravity, and Urban.

Zoic will help you dress well after the break, riding more is up to you!

If you haven’t noticed, plaid is pretty popular these days amongst casual looking bike clothes. Zoic is offerings a lot of it for 2014 including the District plaid jersey above in three colors, for $75. To the far right is the new Libertee.

Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (5) Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (4)

I’m not going to pretend to be a women’s fashion expert, but Zoic had some cool looking pieces for the ladies. On the left is the Velocity jersey paired with the Evita skirt, with the Sol dress on the right – both of which come with or without liners. The Velocity jersey can also be paired with standard riding shorts if the skirt/skort isn’t your thing.

Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (7)

From left to right – women’s Collins jersey with Posh Short, men’s heritage jersey with Ether short, and women’s Fling jersey with Posh short in Atoll plaid ($80). You’ll see a lot of the heritage pattern in the coming year as Zoic celebrates their 20 year history.

Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (9)

From left to right – Lola Jersey with Damsel skirt, men’s Fade jersey with Ether shorts in Green Fade plaid ($90), and women’s Terra jersey and Naveh short.

Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (11)

From left to right – women’s Tailwind jersey and Juju shorts which will have a wider leg opening and be offered in 3 solids and 4 plaids for $90/100, the men’s Full Tilt jersey and That Short, and women’s Fling jersey and JuJu short.

Zoic spring 2014 clothing Interbike (12)

Finally we have the women’s Jayden jersey with Juju short, men’s DNA jersey with updated colors and Revelry short with a 15″ inseam that will be offered in 2 solids and 4 plaids for $90/100, and the women’s Collins Plaid jersey and Naveh short.

You should be able to get your hands on the bright new colors and plaids around February, 1.



DDD - 10/23/13 - 1:09pm

Looks Quite Chilly In The Exhibition Hal.

wako29 - 10/23/13 - 1:16pm

tehehe. Boobs.

LULZ - 10/23/13 - 1:17pm

“Yes it is, it’s a bit nipply out. I mean nippy out. What did I say… nipple? Huh? There’s a nip in the air.”

Ryan - 10/23/13 - 5:24pm

Why did everybody have to walk by my desk right when I pulled up that video? Oh well, I still totally enjoyed that.

nathan - 10/23/13 - 6:23pm

And it’s like the video never existed…

Dabe - 11/01/13 - 7:21pm

It appears that their clothing is not very warm.

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