IB13: Whispbar Unveils Frame Grabbing Roof Rack & Cargo Boxes, Yakima Racks Updated & Shipping


Whispbar’s new WB201 frame mount bike carrier adds an option for putting your steed on their roof racks.

Like the fork mount models, it uses their QuickDock mounts for super fast on/off on their cross bars (video here). The arm raises to clamp the downtube, but unlike competing models, there’s no dial to clamp it down around the downtube. Instead, push the lever on the tray down and it automatically applies the right amount of pressure around the frame while simultaneously securing everything to the rack and crossbars. Then just lock the lever down and it locks the clamps shut and the tray to the cross bars. One keyhole protects it all.

They also showed some sexy new rooftop cargo boxes, and sister brand Yakima provided a quick rundown of some updates to their hitch mount racks…


It ships with a round or square bar adapter (the small black piece in my hand) to fit the trays to Yakima, Thule and other cross bars. Available in January for $299.


New WB700 and WB701 cargo boxes use a streamlined design with no belt line.


What does “no belt line” mean? It means the top clamshell sits flush with the bottom rather than overlap and create a slight bulge. The result is a very sleek, premium appearance.


Quick release levers inside allow for quick mounting…


…and a quick release lever on the bottom makes it easy to slide the mounts fore/aft. $849 and $999. Capacity is 10.8 and 13.3 cubic feet respectively.


Yakima’s Fullswing and Fulltilt are finally starting to ship. The Fullswing assembles with a single bolt out of the box. It uses ZipStrips for quick securing of the frame to the holsters.


The folding base opens out a full 180° and locks into place automatically, no more manual pin placement. Helpful for when you’re parked on a slant or slope. $499 (4 bike).

Fulltilt is the non-swinging version. The release lever to tilt it down is now at the top, facing backward, not at the bottom. That change allowed them to increase the inward fold angle, so it packs flat. That means it also ships flat and need no assembly at all. $429 (5 bike) and $399 (4 bike).


The Ridgeback also gets the new tilt lever placement and ships fully assembled. It doesn’t get the fully padded arms and cable lock of the Fulltilt, but comes in at just $229 (2bike) and $279/309 for 4/5 bike. Swing away version is $399 (4 bike only).

Visit Whispbar.com and Yakima.com for more.


LULZ - 10/23/13 - 3:53pm

Those big red knobs look like a Fisher-Price child’s toy. Thule reigns supreme!

Craig - 10/23/13 - 10:10pm

The boxes look gorgeous. And their mounting hardware is genius (although it looks a bit more obtrusive than the clamps in my Thule and Yakima boxes). But the feature that makes them excel in form – the absence of a beltline – looks a little bit of a “function” fail. The beltline on my Skybox LoPro is the perfect handhold running around the whole box. It’s not necessarily pretty but it’s very practical for opening and closing the box and it’s done tastefully enough not to ruin the lines of the box. Maybe these pop up and open upon unlocking them but to close them it looks like the only decent place to grab is by the strap. And unless they have some kind of auto-shut feature, you’re still going to have to push down on the lid to close them.

R0b0tAt0ms - 10/24/13 - 10:39am

Those boxes look fantastic, but good god, $1K?! yikes

K11 - 10/26/13 - 11:33am

i have a major problem with yakima.

*it is what i currently own and have used a long time.


Looks great in the store but after using for a year or so it looks like a faded, cracked, rusty piece of garbage on top of my vehicle. (I maintain it as well or better than my vehicle to prevent the typical yakima aging process.)

Jean-Daniel - 05/08/14 - 7:46pm

@R0b0tAt0ms 1k for sure, the wb system is the ”highclass” of yakima look at that Hyper box from Thule it 1150 $! and that box look like crap seriously…

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