IB13: Glacier Glove’s Less Extreme Winter Options

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A while back we reviewed Glacier Glove’s waterproof cycling glove, which due to their 2mm thick G-Tek fleece lined neoprene made them extremely waterproof but not the most breathable. The gloves are still one of the best for extremely wet days, but not so much for cyclists looking for not so extreme waterproofing with better breathability. Eventually, Glacier put out their cyclocross glove which offered a supremely waterproof back and breathable palm. Now, Glacier is taking breathability in their winter cycling gloves another step further with the new Super G and Tahoe winter gloves.

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The Tahoe has an elastic neoprene cuff and a lightly padded palm with silicone grippers on the fingers. As the lower priced glove of the two, the Tahoe will retail for $54.99.

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The Super G is the higher end option with increased padding on the palms, and a velcro closure on the neoprene cuff. The Super G will run $59.99. Each glove is designed to offer a high level of protection from the elements of Winter while remaining breathable and comfortable.



LouisLou - 10/15/13 - 11:56am

anyone else getting linked to Wilier’s website with the “Glacier Glove’s waterproof cycling glove” link?

AlanM - 10/15/13 - 12:30pm

@LouisLou, I am on the first link.

tsutaoka - 10/15/13 - 4:59pm

I used Glacier Glove’s full and short finger cycling gloves this season and loved them. Super quality, comfortable and reasonably priced. My only ding would be color choices as there’s only one 😉

Willis24 - 10/15/13 - 9:22pm

Yep, that’s annoying! Once again you introduce a product that is not for shown or available on the vendor’s website. Unless I am missing something?

RRRoubaix - 10/16/13 - 2:40pm

Maybe they updated the links- they both work correctly now.

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