Video: How The Dutch Got Their Cycle Paths

Another video from NL Cycling: a little history on how the Dutch got their cycle paths, “The Netherlands’ problems were and are not unique. Their solutions shouldn’t be that either.”

via Ghost Bikes Film Project and U.S. Bicycle Route System.


Papageno - 10/07/13 - 2:55pm

Thanks Bikerumor. Even I, as a Dutchy, was not aware of the reasons why we became so priviliged. Good to know.

Rohan - 10/07/13 - 3:07pm

Thank Bikerumors, for showing this film about our cycling lanes. Being dutch I feel privileged that we have such great cycling infrastructure. But I to must admit I didn’t know about their history.

NASH - 10/07/13 - 3:52pm

The problems are not unique but the dutch people are, dont think that would work in the UK or Ireland where persons are alot less socially conscious and consider the use of SUV to drive in cities something to aspire too.

1Pro - 10/07/13 - 6:45pm

sad but true NASH.

Diesel - 10/07/13 - 10:43pm

Great video. We have a long way to go (no pun intended) here in the US.

heatwave23 - 10/08/13 - 3:19am

I am sitting in Amsterdam right now and have done quite a bit of cycling here over the last week. This film does not do the Dutch cycling infrastructure justice. It is mind blowing to see how connected the bike lanes are, even out in the rural areas. The US is so far away from this type of mind set I am not sure we can ever get there. I am truly impressed by what the Dutch have accomplished

Bas - 10/08/13 - 5:39am

heatwave23 is right. key for succes is connectivity between bikelanes in order not to get stuck between the cars at the end of a bikelane. other great thing here in NL is that there are no obstacles (like in germany, where many bikelanes are higher than the road) to get on the bikelanes. another great feature is the “car is a guest”-streets, that are basically cycling paths where you are allowed to drive your car (in order to get to your house), but at limited speeds. the only thing that is bad here is the signing. france is top notch for that!

Papageno - 10/10/13 - 1:40pm

@Bas: signing? A dutch biker does not care nor react on any signing. 😉

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