Hutchinson Tubeless Ready Cyclocross Tires Back in Action

2014 Hutchinson tubeless ready cyclocross tires back on the market in UCI legal widths

Hutchinson was one of the first brands out with a tubeless ready cyclocross tire a couple years back, then it kinda disappeared. Now they’re back with two sealant compatible tires in 700×32 (UCI legal) sizes.

From left to right, you’ve got the Toro (wet mud or loam), Black Mamba (fast dry or sticky mud) and Piranha (dry or sticky mud). And here are the options:

  • Toro Tubeless Ready – Carbon bead – 700×32 – 127tpi – 320g
  • Toro Tube Type – Kevlar bead – 700×32 – 127tpi – 310g
  • Toro Tubular – n/a – 700×32 – 190tpi – 410g
  • Black Mamba Tubular – n/a – 700×32 – 190tpi – 400g
  • Piranha2 Tubeless Ready – Carbon bead – 700×34 – 127tpi – 360g
  • Piranha2 Tube Type – Kevlar bead – 700×34 – 127tpi – 310g

They’re recommending use only with their own Hutchinson Protect’Air Max latex based sealant and tubeless ready rims.


Slow Joe Crow - 10/04/13 - 7:06pm

It’s good to see the Bulldog tread pattern available again, but I really miss that blinging Silver rubber. Fortunately I still have a set of carbon Bulldogs in the garage for this race season.

Bikerboy - 10/04/13 - 7:21pm

Do they make the Black Mamba in a tubeless ready or tube type version

ifbikes - 10/05/13 - 9:46am

How about something bigger? Not everyone is racing UCI races, or even racing for that matter.

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