Hammerhead Offers More Details, Brings Back Early Bird Special Plus Limited Edition

When we last touched on the Hammerhead Bicycle Navigation system, details were a bit thin about all of the things the small device was actually capable of. Getting closer to the end of their campaign, the Hammerhead crew put together the video above illustrating just what is possible with the Hammerhead along with more details we have after the break. They also brought back the Early Bird offer, now called the Milestone Special which allows you to pick up a unit for only $68 with free shipping to the US. There is also a special edition Hammerhead offered in a Translucent smoke gray that is available for $78.

Check out the Special edition plus more info on the indicator lights after the break.


What it shows you

The lights are bright RGB LEDs. They are capable of a wide range of signals including:

Center light array:

  • Distance to turns. Distance to destination. Distance to top of a climb. U turn.
  • Segment start and end. Relative segment speed.

Top array:

  • Primary turns. Right & left. Exit at a circle.
  • Red dot sliding compass – for accurate off road navigation.

Front and sidelights:

  • Bright headlight: Night visibility. Can be dimmed or flashed.
  • Side lights: Indicate turns to cars. Side visibility



ummmm - 09/27/13 - 12:38pm

Great idea.

David - 09/27/13 - 2:52pm

Fred factor, 9 / 10

Chuck Dick - 09/27/13 - 10:22pm

Obviously, not for mountain biking, lest you end up on a runway in Alaska. (Oh wait, that was Apple Maps.)

Dave - 09/28/13 - 12:45am

0:58, did it warn about the log because someone entered it as a route hazard instead of getting off their bike and moving out of the way?

Ventruck - 09/28/13 - 2:31am

I want it for the shiny lights. It’s like a Robocop bike. 😛

No but really. It’s pretty neat execution there. I think the real question is how many times does the regular person do an unknown route? Majority of people have regular ride routes, or know their way around town. There’s charity rides, sure, but I don’t think any event provides downloadable GPS routes.

Chris - 09/28/13 - 1:41pm

I traveled to San Diego last winter and rented a road bike. I spend a LOT of time futzing with my Garmin and looking at maps trying to find Fiesta island and Mount Soledad… This would have been fantastic.

Heyo - 09/28/13 - 11:53pm

This would be a great tool to take to new cities.
As far as the road hazard reporting, I think the log was just to show an example, real life applications could be a sinkhole, ect

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