New World Disorder Announces 2014 Film Featuring Brandon Semenuk

New World Disorder‘s first film in over four years is official and will showcase Brandon Semenuk’s insane talent, but we will have to wait for the spring thaw for the release. To wet your appetite check out the above September episode of Brandon’s Life Behind Bars series.

“Growing up, NWD was like the shining light at the end of the tunnel for me,” Semenuk was quoted as saying. “It gave me this governing sense of motivation and creativity. NWD represented the pinnacle of progression and what could be done on a bike. To team up with these guys and bring that inspiration back to the sport has given me an abundance of goals and a new drive for wanting to get out there on my bike.”

Per NWD’s usual cinematographic flare the film will utilize wild film technology, including remote control heli cameras, MOVI cameras and Phantom cable cameras.

The film will also feature Steve Smith, Cam Zink, Cam McCaul, Ryan “R-Dog” Howard, Graham Agassiz, Yannick Granieri, and Thomas Genon. We’ll just keep holding our breath.


J T - 09/24/13 - 4:13pm

“[On the octocopter]…He said if it hits you will it leave a scar”

“That’s better than the other one that will chop your head off”

Saris - 09/24/13 - 4:20pm

Can’t wait for this!

– Saris

Engineer - 09/24/13 - 8:31pm

NWD Yes Please!!!!

Semenuks part in NWD 10 made me wanna ride more. Such a badass.

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