IB13: The New Entry Level Juliana Juno

Santa Cruz Juliana Juno

New at interbike was the Juliana Juno, a 125mm travel tweener single pivot, which features the same geometry to the recently announced Bantam, but utilizes women oriented products to dial in fit. More details after the break.

Santa Cruz Juliana Juno Rear View

The bike will feature bars, stems, grips, cranks, and wheels, optimized for the fairer sex.

Santa Cruz Juliana Juno Side View

Weight for the top of the line build is roughly 30 lbs.

Santa Cruz Juno Geometry

For more visit Juliana Bicycles



Topmounter - 09/19/13 - 12:28pm

30 pounds for the “top of the line build” on a Women’s single-pivot XC bike? That sounds a little big-boned to me.

chris - 09/19/13 - 12:58pm

What length stem comes on the XS???

RyanC - 09/19/13 - 3:05pm

looks like this is the top spec of the mid priced 125mm travel bikes. The Furtado Primero appears to be their Top Spec’d 125mm travel bike. It’s a VPP bike that comes in at 27.8lbs for around $6k.

-S - 09/19/13 - 4:36pm

My lbs has Juliana’s, and I have yet to see one female that likes the smaller diameter h-bar.

bin judgin - 09/19/13 - 11:00pm

i am a dude with big hands and i love the grips they make for that bike. i wish it came out for other bikes too. i want it on my trail bike.

Slow Joe Crow - 09/20/13 - 1:45pm

Where’s the size XS? My wife needs a 27″ standover and so far only a few 26″ wheel bikes with small frames fit her.

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