IB13: GU Adds Salted Caramel, Strawberry Kiwi & Passionfruit

gu salted caramel energy gel

Just in time for winter, GU’s Salted Caramel gel flavor should warm taste buds everywhere.

And if you need a little extra BCAA’s or just fond memories of summer, the two new Roctane Flavors -Strawberry Kiwi and Passion Fruit- have a more tropical bent.

Passion Fruit came out in June and benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation. So far they’ve raised $50,000 for them.

That nondescript bottle sitting on top is a test pack of their upcoming electrolyte pills. The key difference with theirs is the inclusion of ginger root to help settle the tummy during hard or extended efforts. Look for those next spring.


Tim A - 09/16/13 - 3:35pm

FWIW: The Salted Caramel is super-tasty.

Psi Squared - 09/16/13 - 3:50pm

I just can’t get past how similar the sensation of swallowing gels is to the feeling of castor oil sliding down my throat.

SmooveP - 09/16/13 - 5:44pm

This is your first post from Interbike? I demand bling, eye candy, schwag,fatbike stuff, booth babes!

Ajax - 09/17/13 - 1:05am

Salted caramel?! On a hot day? Umm, no thanks.

Mindless - 09/17/13 - 2:00am

@Psi: That was not castor oil you swallowed.

Psi Squared - 09/17/13 - 8:54am

Really, mindless? Are you an expert on swallowing?

AlanM - 09/17/13 - 11:14am

@Mindless and PSI, grow up. Or at least go sit on opposite sides of the internet.

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