Strong, Sexy & Carbon – RockGuardZ Protects Your Mountain Bike Frame


Admittedly, mud and rock guards for mountain bikes aren’t the most glamorous adornment for your off-road rig. Mud and rocks. Bike. Keep the two separate. Form to follow function. But you have to hand it to a guy who takes the lowly mud guard and turns it into something closer to special, using that oh-so-magic material: carbon. Ian Walker -British Superbike racer by day- is the man behind the impressive made by hand and made to fit carbon RockGuardZ.

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RockGuardZ-carbon-detail-small-2 RockGuardZ-carbon-detail-downtube

With the high degree of finish and attention to detail (they’re actually handmade in Great Britain) one could almost overlook the ‘er’ inversion in the spelling of “carbon fibre”. Each RockGuardZ is specifically molded and made to fit the impressively long list of makes and models found on the RockGuardZ site.

MudGuardz -another product- are more universal and fit under the fork to, well, guard mud. Or at least guard your face from it.

GuardZ are mostly priced in the neighborhood of £32 and flat rate shipping is £5.00 to the U.S. That works out to about $62 for a handsome, handmade carbon fiber rock guard delivered to your door. (‘Fibre’ becomes ‘fiber’ upon crossing the Atlantic.) Whilst you ponder adding some carbon protection to your trusty steed, consult for specific pricing, delivery details and curiously anachronistic English spellings.


Jorge - 09/13/13 - 1:54pm

Ebay: Helicopter tape…

Dan - 09/13/13 - 2:19pm

I got a downtube guard from these guys that would barely fit on my frame, given the drillings for the water bottle bosses were so out of alignment. I would have preferred they shipped it un-drilled since I could have “eyeballed” a better job myself with my own drill. The damn thing had to be twisted like crazy just to get it on…..thus a “high degree of finish and attention to detail” doesn’t sit well with me for these guys.

gibbon - 09/13/13 - 2:34pm

We invented the ‘English’ language by the way……’re welcome.

satisFACTORYrider - 09/13/13 - 2:42pm

surfboard traction padding molds easy, dampens noise really well, cheap in sheets.

rider - 09/16/13 - 6:47am

(‘Fibre’ becomes ‘fiber’ upon crossing the Atlantic.)
You´ve got that the wrong way around, I believe, unless American is a language now.

+1 for the surfboard tip

Matt - 09/16/13 - 7:36am

A sheet of carbon seconds from eBay cost me a tenner, big enough sheet to do four guards. Doesn’t look so pretty though

Bobby - 09/26/13 - 12:06pm

Found one for my Blur XC carbon made of ABS carbon fiber pattern (simulated) for $20 on the bey. I think some are made for other frames as well.

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