Devinci Demonstrates How to Short Cut, Ride Trials on a Road Bike & Win at Life

Yes. In the latest video that would be sure to make Martyn Ashton proud, Devinci bikes presents Shortcut filmed with the Ekoi/Devinci pro team at Canada’s biggest crit series, the Mardi Cycliste de Lachine. We’re pretty sure this would get you disqualified from your local crit, but you would get some serious style points if you could pull it off. All on a Devinci Leo SL of course.


Milessio - 09/10/13 - 8:13am

Taking a lap out is within the rules :)

Martyn in action:

NASH - 09/10/13 - 8:23am

Sure I could do that on my bmx without any lycra required

ridein - 09/10/13 - 8:41am

Well, that was fun.

boroboonie - 09/10/13 - 8:53am


Eric@505 - 09/10/13 - 9:41am

Not sure, because of the camera angles, but pretty sure that riding was only possible due to his Campy seat post…

…oh, and that was waaaay awesome. : 0

MuMu - 09/10/13 - 10:05am

Because I would race in my local crit with Vans…

David - 09/10/13 - 10:11am


Gillis - 09/10/13 - 10:20am

The crank spin over the gap at the end did it for me.

NotAMachinist - 09/10/13 - 10:57am


He took a free lap of awesomeness!

Mister m - 09/10/13 - 5:56pm

Bravo la gang, mardi de Lachine rule !

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