Live Life in the Fo̱s Lane, with Wearable LED Display Panel

Fos LED patch

If you ask Anders Nelson, the future is bright – and wearable. Sort of like a Monkey Light (minus the colors) for your clothing, the Fo̱s is a wearable LED panel that can be programmed to display a number of things including turn signals. By loading in a preprogrammed route into an app, the panel could display turn signals based on the GPS locations on your phone. The panel can be affixed to nearly anything with the included Velcro, an the 32 bit microprocessor is controlled and programed wirelessly  through your phone.

Check out the Fo̱s in action after the break.

Like most cool tech ideas these days it seems, the Fo̱s is part of a Kickstarter project to get off the ground. Units are currently offered for $149 for the single height patch, or $299 for the double height shown on the messenger bag at the top.


phil - 09/10/13 - 2:05am

OT: Can you guys change your website so that when i click on the picture is brings up the article instead of the picture itself?

scott - 09/10/13 - 11:43am

Is this like popping trunks and swanging on slabs, but for bikes?

I dislike this, greatly.

patrik - 09/10/13 - 11:56am

As a driver, I can’t wait to be staring at the back of the cyclist in front me advertising “Dan’s Cronuts” as I careen into the back of a moving van parked in the middle of Folsom Street.

reverend dick - 09/10/13 - 1:24pm

Any use of this product for a graphic other than words that say “I’M A DICK.” (in your choice of language) is disallowed.
Thank you.

Dan Yeich - 09/10/13 - 3:27pm

This is a great idea, I think the cost is still a little too high, $299 for the size we would all want.

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