A Dubiously Accurate 233 Year History of Cycling

History of the Bicycle ChartWhile we’re not particularly certain about some of the claims in this bicycle family tree (e.g.  freeride bikes spawned downhill bikes, which gave birth to 29ers?), we’re certain you’ll appreciate the artwork. You can head to their website to buy your own copy and laugh at the implication that big wheels evolved into recumbents for only $22.


Ben - 09/04/13 - 5:44pm

This is so completely out of order. Why the hell would you pay 22 dollars for a poster that doesn’t make any sense?

Gillis - 09/04/13 - 6:00pm

I like how the track bike sits in between the randonneur and touring bikes. And a modern looking TT bike some how comes before Boardman’s Lotus, which both come after fixie’s.

This is junk.

Walter - 09/04/13 - 6:09pm

So triathlon bikes gave birth to fixies and early eighties long wheel base recumbents came from modern high racers. These folks are creationists.

NotAMachinist - 09/04/13 - 6:20pm

It’s sort of cool looking until you really look at it. For instance how does a randonneur differ from a touring or trekking bike? How did cyclocross spawn BMX? The cycling family tree is far more incestuous.

Joe - 09/04/13 - 6:22pm

Cyclocross to 20″ Dirt, Street, Park to Racing to Freestyle and Flatland????? Not a one of these is right….the whole chart is a nice piece of wallpaper art but that’s it.

Keith D - 09/04/13 - 6:46pm

It’s pretty much rubbish.

CB - 09/04/13 - 7:06pm

Triathlon is misspelled. Way to do your research “artist.”

Henry - 09/04/13 - 7:34pm

This whole thing reeks of a hipster….

LP - 09/04/13 - 7:55pm

Did you the 29er and the 27.5 had their origin in a DH bike?

justin - 09/04/13 - 8:16pm

Bikerumor, you really find this worthy of reporting on?
I’ll make up my own timeline about bike stuff and put some clip art with it, like “Hydro disc brakes for bicycles popularized 1938, Canit’s discovered 1942” Then I’ll see it covered here, which makes it true.

RyanC - 09/04/13 - 9:11pm

The Schwinn Stingray begat the whole BMX thing, not cyclocross bikes

MMyers - 09/04/13 - 9:31pm

A poster is making some of you angry.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

onion - 09/04/13 - 9:32pm

Maybe the image they show on their website is purposely all mixed up and nonsensical. You have to pay $22 to get the poster with the real thing.

Pete - 09/04/13 - 10:33pm


Martin - 09/04/13 - 11:15pm

Thank you CB! How hard is it to Google “Triathalon” and realize that it’s really “Triathlon”?
Answer: Not hard.

satisFACTORYrider - 09/05/13 - 1:41am

Relax, snobs.

Ben - 09/05/13 - 9:06am

I’m just sayin, why would you pay for a poster that obviously no one did any research for? I’d be stoked to buy this poster if it was in order.

satisFACTORYrider - 09/05/13 - 11:26am

if you know better then it’s simply ridiculous/unique/whatever because it’s wrong. do you plan on using it as teaching tool? it’s shop wall and man-cave art so it goes with beers while viewing. simple.

Mindless - 09/05/13 - 1:26pm

WTF is BMW atrocious mtb doing there?

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