Fox A-Team Testing Prototype Air DH Shock at World Champs

Greg Minaar Santa Cruz Syndicate Fox RAD DH ShockImage Credit: Ride Shimano Instragram

If you were to take a brief look at Greg Minnaar’s World Champ race bike and miss the most extraordinary thing about it, we wouldn’t hold it against you. It is a beautiful bike….but cradled at the heart of the home town hero’s carbon V10 lies a brand new prototype shock from the suspension gurus at Fox.

It’s outward appearance resembles the new Fox Float X shock we’ve been riding and raving about all summer, but we’re sure some custom trickery lies behind the RAD (Racing Applications Development) stickered canister.

Rachel Athernton GT FURY FOX RAD DH Shock

Image Credit: Rachel Atherton, Instragram

The prototype shock was spotted earlier this year at Fort Bill on Steve Peat and Ratboy’s Syndicate V10s, but they opted for coil shocks on the notoriously rocky downhill course. The South African World Champs course inĀ Pietermaritzburg has several long pedaling sections and huge tabletop senders, so many riders are choosing unique race rides. Many of the top Fox sponsored athletes will be running this proto air shock, while several other athletes will be running long travel all mountain steeds. Pay special attention this Sunday to Mitch Ropeleto on his Enduro 29er and Jared Graves on his Yeti SB66.



Engineer - 08/30/13 - 9:46pm

The shocks cool…. The Santa Cruz is cooler

bin judgin - 08/31/13 - 9:54am

Vivid air has been out for years.

MMyers - 08/31/13 - 1:32pm


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