Hiplok makes the U-Lock Wearable with the Hiplok D, Adds a cable to their offerings with the Hiplok Pop

Launching today at Eurobike are two new additions to the HipLok brand (see our previous review of their chain here).  First up is their take on the traditional U-Lock (or D-Lock depending on where you are from).  The Hiplok trick here are two clips attached to the body of the lock that allow you to easily clip it onto a messenger bag strap, belt, or even your back pocket.  The slim profile lock is Sold Secure Silver certified.  It weighs in at 1000g.  It features a hardened steel body, nylon outer shell, and has a 13mm hardened steel shackle.  Retail pricing is set at £59.99 (about $93)

To accompany the new U-Lock, Hiplok has announced their Hiplok Pop cable lock.  Like the chain that preceded it, the Pop is a wearable lock, but is intended for lower security areas.  It would also make a great companion to the Hiplok D when used to secure your wheels.  It uses a clip system to hold it around your midsection while riding. It will be available in six colors to suit your personal style  It’s security risk is not certified, but simply label “Low Risk”, it fits up to a 42″ waist, weighs 400g, and is made from a 10mm plastic coated steel cable.  Retail for the Pop is £19.99 (about $31)

More images of the product past the jump.



Hiplok Pop Blue


HIPLOK D Blue on Belt


Mindless - 08/29/13 - 1:02am

Lock color coordinated with bike. Hipsters of the world are rejoicing.

KinkiCycle - 08/29/13 - 6:50am

Not really ideal places to have your lock in the event of a crash. I predict a rise in the number of cyclists suffering from broken hips and/or ribs.

Jon - 08/29/13 - 8:32am

Nice to see developments that make life just that little bit better

reading comprehension - 08/29/13 - 9:31am

Jon, Your comment just made my life a little bit better.

Kyle - 08/29/13 - 11:13am

So explain why the lock can’t go in the bag you’re already wearing again?

scott - 08/29/13 - 12:32pm

Here is a fix for a problem that does not exist.

Gillis - 08/29/13 - 2:45pm

For a working messenger this might make sense, but for everyone else – what Kyle said.

tr0l0rmess - 08/29/13 - 3:18pm

Not even for a messenger it makes sense, wearing it in front is useless, wearing it in the back – we just put it in the belt/back pocket/behind the hipbag. So its useless.

Mindless - 08/30/13 - 12:38pm

@Kyle: Because you would not see the color coordination if it is in the bag, doh..

Jeff - 11/15/14 - 8:30pm

@Kyle: because I just finished my shopping and now my bag is full and I don’t want to crush my bread with my heavy D-lock.

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