EB13: Wheels Manufacturing x Enduro Add PressFit BB86/92 Bottom Brackets

enduro bearings pressfit bb86 and bb92 botom brackets

Following the Pressfit BB30 bottom brackets introduced at Sea Otter, Enduro Bearings will have Pressfit BB86/92 units available in October.

They’ll have the same three bearing options: Radial Steel ($49), Angular Contact Steel ($69) and Ceramic ($129). All are for 24mm spindles with an optional sleeve to accommodate 24/22 GXP cranks.

Weights are TBD, these samples were bolted down pretty good and were so fresh off the machine they hadn’t had a chance to measure that all important spec.

What if you have a BB30 frame, a 24mm crank and don’t want to use Wheels Mfr’s composite adapters? Click through to see the really latest latest…

enduro bearings pressfit BB30 to 24 botom brackets

They’re working on these PFBB30-to-24 Pressfit bottom brackets that build the bearings directly into external cups, all of which is one piece like their others. Pricing is TBD, but will be slightly more because they require more machining. Should be available mid October with the same three bearing options.


Frank - 08/29/13 - 3:25pm

Made in the USA right? Good to have one more, among few American made BB options.

greg - 08/29/13 - 5:13pm

what’s with the wrench interface on the outboard press fits? does one side thread into the other, like Praxis? or is it for the aesthetics?

Ajax - 08/30/13 - 7:31am

All these press fit BBs squeak. Press fit BBs are the worst bike invention ever.

JB - 09/01/13 - 10:41pm

I’m only a season and a half in (with 1/2 this season shot by injury, sadly), but my Pivot’s BB92 hasn’t made a peep yet. Carbon frame may have something to do with that, though.

Either way, it’s lasting a hell of a lot longer than ISIS BBs ever did for me…

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