Large and from Charge: The New Cooker Maxi Fatbike

The fatties just keep on coming. Latest to the party is Charge Bike’s Cooker Maxi – what looks to be a steel Cooker frame and fork with expanded clearance for 4.0″ tires on wider rims. Rather than go after the light weight fatbike race as many companies are doing, Charge looks to be targeting the reasonably priced side of things with a complete bike retailing for $1599.

The Cooker Maxi will be unveiled along with the rest of the 2014 Charge Bikes range this Thursday as well as an all new website. Rider: Chris Doney Videographer: Alex Rankin


BT - 08/27/13 - 11:17am

I want to see the video of him riding back up to the car.

Cody - 08/27/13 - 2:50pm

Um, who lays their bike down driveside in the sand?

andrew - 08/27/13 - 4:04pm

Who the hell goes to all that effort for 1 foot of poor surf?

Speedy - 08/27/13 - 6:49pm

good proper use of fat bike. Bravo!

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