Chrome Bags shows off how they shine with USA made Limited edition reflective camo bags


Chrome has been known to produce a few camouflage bags in the past.  I have seen traditional camo, urban camo, and even digital camo.  Now they have taken it to the next level.  Thanks to a glass-bead print, they are able to produce these French camo pattern bags with a fourth color that reflects light from up to 100 feet away.  Three bags have been given the special treatment.  The victor, the Citizen, and the Orlov. These reflective camo bags are made in the USA and guaranteed for life.

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Chrome Bags Reflective Camo Lifestyles 1


Chrome Bags Reflective Camo At Night


ReflectiveCamo_One Sheet


Jake - 08/18/13 - 11:45pm

Reflective camo, what’s the point? I love it during hunting season when I see a guy in camo in the grocery store check out line. I crowd right in front of him, if he says anything I just tell him I couldn’t see him.

truerider - 08/19/13 - 1:00am

@CHROME awesome bags

@Jake. Not a good idea.

Jake - 08/19/13 - 8:31am

I can’t believe you preople took me serious!

roadrash - 08/19/13 - 8:50am

It is a tad bit ironic. camouflage that dosn’t help you blend in but stick out, but for cycling purposes that is a pretty bad ass looking bag!

spokejunky - 08/19/13 - 10:25am

I just don’t get it. A camouflage courier bag that is reflective. And these wheels you can get in different colors. Or, or jeans that have reflective stripes sewn into the hems. Confound it this fashion and function movement. /s

Yetiman - 08/19/13 - 11:35am

Cheaper postage to overseas buyer would be nice.

Robo - 08/19/13 - 1:32pm

I have been begging and pleading for a reflective version of this bag and they release it in a stupid, ugly camo version. Thanks…I guess…

Mindless - 08/19/13 - 3:23pm

Tatoos are lame.

bin judgin - 08/20/13 - 9:19am

chrome bags fit terribly. FREIGHT SON!

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