Brodie Teases the 650b/700c Convertible Tiger and Others from their 2014 Line Via Facebook

Brodie Tiger


The slow, steady tease seems to be the new rule of marketing and Brodie has been taking notes.  Over the past week they’ve teased two nice updates to their Sterling and Section bikes via Facebook photos.  The real cerulean spheres, however, come from this deceptively simple looking bike, the Tiger.  As Brodie puts it, “The 650b/27.5 Tiger can change it’s stripes. Run it single speed, or switch it to 700c!”  Check out the new Sterling and Section after the break.



The 2014 Section will feature Sram’s Automatix 2-speed hub.


And the Sterling will be sporting a tasty new caramel paint job.  Like what you see?  Keep an eye on Brodie’s Facebook page.



bongwater - 08/15/13 - 7:25pm

Why all the swiss army knife bikes in the world?

bongwater - 08/15/13 - 7:26pm

No, really?

JimmyZ - 08/15/13 - 11:03pm

some companies know their market, some want to invade another’s.

Confusd Andy - 08/16/13 - 1:13pm

Cerulean spheres? I need an explanation of that line!

Ajax - 08/16/13 - 7:05pm

It doesn’t have thru-axle. So, no go for me.

PaulM - 08/19/13 - 4:26am

Wasn’t the first Cannondale Badboy’s key selling point years ago that it could run 700c wheels with slicks, then switch to 26″ wheels with 2+”knobbly tyres?

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