Must Watch: Danny Macaskill in Taiwan

Anytime a new Danny Macaskill video hits, you know work productivity is going down the drain. This video doesn’t disappoint.


Ryan - 08/05/13 - 2:42pm

But, but…he’s not riding clipless! [rolleyes] Awesome as always.

pmurf - 08/05/13 - 3:42pm

awesome, as usual. I did get my hopes up when he rolled past the circular opening in the last shot, and I thought “omg he’s gonna full–loop it!”

Topmounter - 08/05/13 - 4:30pm

Must watch? Maybe if you haven’t seen any of his previous videos.

Jeff - 08/05/13 - 4:49pm

What freehub is he using or does he just have a mic right by it!

Brian - 08/05/13 - 5:00pm

Pretty sure he’s still running hope hubs.

a different Mike - 08/06/13 - 1:56pm

How sad is your life if you post a negative comment on a Danny Macaskill video

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