Michal Marosi Pulls Off Crazy Overhead Pass

Just another one of the great videos floating around the internet this summer! Marosi crashes, can’t even find his bike, but comes back for the win by passing on a wall ride. ┬áNice!


LP - 08/05/13 - 6:29pm

the two other rider were clearly not at the same level as Michal!

bentley - 08/06/13 - 5:30am

After watching that I’m not sure there are many others at the same level as Michael, respect where it’s due

captain derp - 08/06/13 - 7:59am

long live 4x!

BT - 08/06/13 - 8:09am

That was a great course…much better than the whoever gets the holeshot cruises to victory course that is typical of many 4x courses.

Your Face - 08/06/13 - 8:14am

And that folks is what happens when you ride with a Campy seatpost.

RideBeerSleep - 08/06/13 - 8:23am

This is a nice reminder of what a horrible replacement MTB Eliminator is for 4X in the world cups.

Engineer - 08/06/13 - 2:44pm

That was hands down badass. Commitment to the fullest.

Padrote - 08/06/13 - 7:30pm

@your face — natch!

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