Bikerumor Throwback Pic Of The Day: Mag Wheels!

pitates photo

Photo submitted by Jeff “lil_p0ny” Weinert, “Schwinn frame & mag wheels. Those were the days. Now I’m 45, still riding my bike everyday & have that same smile on my face every time I get out on my bike…except now it’s either my mountain bike, road or ‘cross bike.”

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MS - 08/05/13 - 8:35am

Great photo – classic 70’s style all the way. I used to rock the tube socks and Adidas shorts just like that.
Oh yeah, Jeff still tears it up – especially on the cyclocross!

satisFACTORYrider - 08/05/13 - 9:34am

Another great pic. These are my favorite posts on BR. My first legit bmx was a schwinn scrambler as well.

kurti_sc - 08/05/13 - 1:13pm

awesome pic. It reminds me of exactly how i felt. I repainted my scrambler with blue and white checkerboard, but my picnic table looked exactly the same! (and it saw similar abuses when my mother wasn’t around.) :-)

Kenny - 08/06/13 - 8:52am

That’s a fresh-ass Pirates cap he’s wearing.

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