Giro Releases Limited Edition Camo Empire Shoe – For Mountain Bikes!

Giro Empire On

Can you see it? If it wasn’t for the red-orange accents, you just might miss the new limited edition camouflage Giro Empires. Not only is the color unique, but this limited edition of 400 shoes feature the same lugged carbon fiber outsole found on the top end Code mountain bike shoe making this run of Empires truly unique. Saying they’re for mountain bikes may be a bit misleading – while they do have mountain bike tread, Giro claims the shoe is great for gravel rides, cyclocross, XC racing, and even commuting (in style).

See how you can get your hands on a pair after the break.


With only 400 individually numbered pairs made for worldwide distribution, the first 50 pairs will be available through Giro’s monthly First Friday 50 promotion on their Facebook page. These usually go quick, so act now if you want to get in on it right away. Otherwise, the remaining shoes will be distributed to select Giro athletes and will also be available to consumers with limited distribution this September with only a total of 250 pairs available for sale to consumers.


The Empire MTB Limited Edition combines a one piece upper with a reinforced toe and heel with the Empire’s lace up closure and an Easton EC90 carbon fiber sole. At the pedals there is a minimal 6.5mm stack height with and aggressive lugged TPU sole for traction when you’re off the bike.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? What should Giro do for their next Limited Edition?


Dave - 08/02/13 - 10:23am

Should have gone with Digital Camo.

Murphy - 08/02/13 - 10:30am

It’s spectacular in how ugly it is, and I like the original. The styling just doesn’t carry over to the mountain bike

Gillis - 08/02/13 - 10:32am

I like lace-ups,used to own two pairs of Nike Cairns, but these are fugly (imo).

WK - 08/02/13 - 10:48am


satisFACTORYrider - 08/02/13 - 11:00am

that’s one way to get to your blind.

brian - 08/02/13 - 11:31am


dick hertz - 08/02/13 - 11:32am

these are doooope, all you haters got no style yooooooo

dick hertz - 08/02/13 - 11:33am

haters gonna hate, now shut yo face!!!!

slowpoke - 08/02/13 - 11:33am

i sure do wish they would do a normal color version of that shoe in spd flavor.

spokejunky - 08/02/13 - 11:54am

Like the color, but they need to work on those toe and heel rubber covers. Those things peel off like tissue paper at the first sight of a rock garden.

Tandumb - 08/02/13 - 11:54am

Giro, please either go full-on camo, or go blaze. This is fashionweek barf.

Stokemaster Steve - 08/02/13 - 12:35pm

I’m disappointed that Giro isn’t doing a debut of its Runway Model Socks. How else is anyone going to figure out whether their Budnitz Gravel Poaching BeeNiner (650B rear, 29 front) Monster UnCross is suitable for a photo to post on facebook?

Colin - 08/02/13 - 12:38pm

Cool concept, ugly as sin.

I wish more companies would make ultralight mountain shoes out of their road shoes. The Bontrager RxxxL would make a killer MTB shoe, but the RXL mountain is a joke of a shoe.

It’s a race day shoe, who in their right mind thinks of a hunting theme for a race shoe. How many of the people saying they like the way it looks are willing to drop 400 bones on a pair and vote with their wallets.

gopherburp - 08/02/13 - 1:48pm

LOVE THEM. Come on there fun. Just add some orange socks, orange vest and gun holster to top tube and no one is going to stop my STRAVA!!

Dude - 08/02/13 - 2:10pm

only 12 left so I guess a lot of people would purchase them. I think it’s pretty cool of a company to offer custom stuff like this.

vectorbug - 08/02/13 - 2:57pm

ahhhhhhhhhhh too bad I already shelled out $300 for the road version. It would have cannibalized some sales I suppose, but I wish I knew these were coming.

Dave - 08/02/13 - 4:42pm

Sad that they are trying to copy Sidi with the Camo look. One of the 2014 options in the Sidi Dominator Camo

Zach D - 08/06/13 - 2:39pm

Santa Cruz cross-bike?

Ron - 09/05/13 - 11:16am

Who in the heck wants to stop in the middle of a ride to tie their shoes? I can’t believe they make these in a road version as well. Imagine asking your buddies to stop so you can tighten or loosen your shoes? Insane. Boa or buckles or Velcro makes 1000x more sense. Function over form for me.

And why do I get the feeling that the only people buying these are dimwits living in SF or Austin or Tokyo who have a Rapha-themed blog, are covered in tattoos, and smoke more than they ride?

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