Keep Your Feet Dry With 45NRTH’s new Fasterkatt Boots, Plus New Studded Tires


In extreme Winter conditions, 45NRTH already has you covered with their Wölvhammer SPD and flat pedal boots, but what about those of us who ride year round in slightly warmer Winter conditions? We’re talking about the wet, cold, dreary Winter months where staying dry is the biggest challenge. Enter the new 45NRTH Fasterkatt – time to throw your shoe covers away.

Designed to thrive in temperatures from 25-45° F, the waterproof Fasterkatt will keep you pedaling year round.

Keep Your Feet Dry With 45NRTH's new Fasterkatt Boots, Plus New Studded Tires

Starting with the sole, the Fasterkatt is all about performance with a sealed cleat pocket to keep any spray from entering the boot. The sole itself is designed to be a performance oriented shoe that would be right at home commuting in the muck, or racing cross. According to 45NRTH, the Fasterkatt is the first cycling show to use a micro-glass outsole by Hypergrip which actually uses tiny pieces of glass to enhance traction when walking on slippery surfaces.

Keep Your Feet Dry With 45NRTH's new Fasterkatt Boots, Plus New Studded Tires Keep Your Feet Dry With 45NRTH's new Fasterkatt Boots, Plus New Studded Tires

Inside the fully sealed waterproof zipper and water resistant rubberized outer, there is a waterproof, breathable membrane with a cinch lacing system, with a velcro ankle closure to keep out the water. The large pull tab on the zipper is also velcro to keep it in place when zipped up. The boot also features rubber re-grind on the Action Leather lowers for incredible abrasion resistance.

Keep Your Feet Dry With 45NRTH's new Fasterkatt Boots, Plus New Studded Tires

Inside the shoe there is a three piece insole with built in arch support. The insole uses a mixture of wool and heat reflective aluminum as well as a waffle pattern on the bottom to keep and regulate temperature of your feet.

Keep Your Feet Dry With 45NRTH's new Fasterkatt Boots, Plus New Studded Tires

The Fasterkatt is definitely not a deep winter boot like the Wölvhammer, but a performance minded shoe which shows in the weight. Compared to the Wölvhammer, the Fasterkatt is almost 300g lighter per pair.

Fasterkatt will retail for $225, and will be shipping out in October to dealers.

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In addition to the Fasterkatt,, 45NRTH also had two new studded tires on display – a wide 700c tread, and the new Nicotine which is a 29×2.35 studded or studless tire. The Nicotine also features a new stud design with a concave tip which should keep the studs sharp longer with better grip than a traditional stud. We should have more info on these in the near future.

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sticky - 08/01/13 - 2:22pm

Hhahahaha! Don’t want to think about winter yet!!!!!!

Limba - 08/01/13 - 2:22pm

Nice job. Thanks for including the weight.

Jorge - 08/01/13 - 2:55pm

I’m really needing some of this for myself!

Now you guys are making me think 2 or 3 times over what to get!

Pete - 08/01/13 - 3:47pm

any chance of a road (Look) version of the sole?

Zach Overholt - 08/01/13 - 4:06pm

@pete, there was some mention of a possible road version in the future. Notice the sole has the holes for a three bolt cleat plugged up…

AlanM - 08/02/13 - 10:42am

@Another option, the Gore Tex Oversock still doesn’t solve the problem that shoe covers miss as well, which is the cleat pocket. These however, are sealed.

ChadQuest - 08/02/13 - 11:27pm

I loved my Wolvhammers last winter. I can’t decide if i should just wear those earlier or get a pair of these for the months that hover near 0C.

Michael - 08/04/13 - 3:20am

I have the shimano mw-80 and they do keep my feet warm and dry, if is not too wet. All these waterproof shoes suffer from the same problem. Once the water hits your leg and drips down into your socks you end up with a swamp on your shoes. And they do weight a lot, but they are better than overshoes.

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