Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Tiki Man DH Race, Hawaii


Photo submitted by Marc Ellis, “Brah, I was totally JRA in my normal riding attire (I like a good breeze), I decided to throw a no-footer that quickly turned into a messed up superwoman. Thankfully, I stayed on the bike or my smooth legs wouldn’t be pretty anymore. Photo by Bryan Stewart at Camp Timberline, HI, during the Tiki Man DH Race Series.”

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Matt - 07/31/13 - 7:31am

So someone also took a picture from the other side.

BackgroundPhotographer - 07/31/13 - 4:31pm

You can see more pictures of DH upskirt shots at the website. Come “enjoy” yourself and see some sweet sweaty chamois. Some charges may apply.

paulba - 08/02/13 - 5:07pm

@BackgroundPhotographer Lol!!

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