The Bubble Wrap Bike – So Popping Good

Who doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap? With that bit of knowledge, comedy magician Eric buss set out to create the bubble popper’s dream, the Bubble Wrap Bike. Simply load an industrial sized roll of bubble wrap onto the bike, and ride away leaving a wake of bubble wrap noise and destruction. No word on availability.


BT - 07/30/13 - 1:49pm

This needs to go on Kickstarter…it is at least twice as good as the last 10 bike related Kickstarter projects that have been posted here.

Jeff - 07/30/13 - 2:21pm

Should have used a fat bike.

BT - 07/30/13 - 2:24pm

For sure, fat bike would ensure more pops per foot traveled

Rico - 07/30/13 - 2:53pm

After the fat bike, use a lawn roller to get the bubbles you missed. This is what biking is all about!!

satisFACTORYrider - 07/30/13 - 4:15pm

i think it’s time to sneak a few rolls into an office supply order at work

Clint - 07/30/13 - 9:13pm

This is a good use of finite resources.

Ben - 08/04/13 - 4:05pm

Waste of resources.

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