TRP Debuts Dash Sport Hydraulic Brakes, Updates Spyre Mechanical Calipers

TRP Dash Sport hydraulic disc brakes

The new TRP Dash Sport hydraulic disc brakes bring their tech down to a much more budget friendly price point.

It uses the same master cylinder internals as the Dash Carbon, but gets an all new cast MC body and more aggressively bent lever body.

The caliper is a two piece forged alloy design and comes with semi-metallic pads. Retail is $129 per wheel, about half the price of the Carbon.

Click through for more pics and details on the Spyre dual pull mechanical disc brake caliper…

TRP Dash Sport hydraulic disc brakes

The levers have a reach adjust dial, but no leverage ratio (aka Power Adjust) knob.

TRP Dash Sport hydraulic disc brakes

TRP Dash Sport hydraulic disc brakes

The bleed port faces almost straight up, and it has their twist-to-close opening, so you won’t lose any fluid or pressure at the end of the service process.

TRP Spyre dual sided mechanical disc brake caliper

Since we had a chance to test them at the launch, TRP has increased the ramp curve by 3° on one side. The result is a more direct feel at the beginning and more total power. They also didn’t have the Spyre SLC on hand, which gets the carbon actuation arm (shown here). It retails for $110 per wheel and comes in at a claimed 146g. The standard Spyre is $80/wheel and weighs 154g.


Tandumb - 07/25/13 - 11:47am

Any word if there’s Spyre in the works for MTB?

BeJay - 07/25/13 - 12:21pm

Good news on the Spyre improvements. Very incouraging to know that TRP is listening to feedback and reviews and making improvments.

pmurf - 07/25/13 - 12:54pm

an 8 gram/$30 difference between the Spyre and SLC seems kind of silly. I mean, the carbon arms look cool and all, but I’d rather see them try to lower the weight a bit more (mag body, perhaps?) and have them retail for upwards of $200/caliper. That’s still well within the price range of high-end road brakes, and lord knows people would put them on their WW road disc builds.

John - 07/25/13 - 1:10pm

Great, so TRP fixes issues with the Spyres only what, 3 months after they were released? Am I supposed to buy a new set or can I return the ones I have?

ObligatedToSay - 07/25/13 - 2:49pm

Is there a way to determine if the Spyre is pre/post change, like a model number?

Castor/Pollux - 07/25/13 - 4:15pm


+1 to your question.
C’mon TRP, spill the beans !!

Tyler Benedict - 07/25/13 - 5:26pm

According to TRP’s reps, all of the Spyres that actually shipped were with the redesign…they made the change before starting full production.

jay - 07/25/13 - 6:41pm

What about the Hy/Rd which received a lot of complaints regarding requiring too much lever throw? Very interested in those but long lever throw is a personal pet peeve.

Troy - 07/25/13 - 7:41pm

curious….how are they performing – what kind of bike do you have and what riding are you doing?

don - 07/25/13 - 10:11pm

Love bikerumor, tyler thanks for the update I had 4 spyre’s shipped today and was wondering if I got the update.


Heffe - 07/25/13 - 10:41pm

I want one of these for a mountain bike.

Heffe - 07/25/13 - 10:49pm

I mean the spyre.

Tim - 07/25/13 - 11:24pm

Anyone here ridden Spyres? The only reviews I can find online are editorial ones. If you have ridden them, what was your setup (cables, levers, etc.), and how do they compare to BB7’s?

ranggapanji - 07/27/13 - 10:35pm

you can put Tiagra flatbar levers to use Spyre on your MTB. I wonder how it performs…

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