9:zero:7 Is Joining Carbon Fatbike Crowd with the Whiteout

9zero7 Whiteout Carbon Fatbike

With the recent introductions of production carbon fatbikes from Salsa and Borealis, 9:zero:7 looks to be getting in on the action with the all new Whiteout carbon. All three bikes seem to have a different rear axle system with Salsa using a 177x12mm thru axle, Borealis with a 190mm QR rear end, and 9:zero:7 with a 190mm thru axle rear end that is capable of running 4.8″ tires on 100mm rims. There is also a thru axle up front in a tapered carbon fork.

The Whiteout will be offered in S, M, and L frames with 9:zero:7 saying it will be light. More details when we have it.


Jorge - 07/25/13 - 4:50pm

Other paint schemes hopefully :)
Waiting on the rest of the details!

Haromania - 07/25/13 - 5:27pm


Mindless - 07/25/13 - 5:52pm

Awesome. Hope not too expensive.

patrik - 07/25/13 - 8:22pm

Waiting for the choir to denounce even more incompatible (rear) axle systems.

Oh wait, unless it’s Specialized or Trek or Cannondale, the cool-little-company fanboys will not say a word.

bin judgin - 07/25/13 - 8:33pm

this carbon fatbike business is stupid. the saving grace of this incompatible rear hub is no one in the world will buy it.

MMyers - 07/25/13 - 9:26pm

Waiting for bitching about nonexistent bitching.

Doh! Too late.

haromania - 07/25/13 - 10:13pm

If you don’t like the rear spacing issue then don’t buy it. See how easy that was? Now get out of the way because there are thousands of other fatbike riders who won’t care and will want to buy these things. I have an idea….why don’t the folks bitching about rear spacing start their own bike company and make whatever the hell they want? See how easy that was?

Mindless - 07/26/13 - 1:33am

It will settle on 190. 170 turned out just not enough.

Ryan - 07/26/13 - 10:14am

Aesthetically, I find it gorgeous. I want that paint job on my frame.

patrik - 07/26/13 - 11:34am

@haromania – I won’t buy one. And that’s the problem.

haromania - 07/26/13 - 2:46pm

patrik you can sit in the corner and pout then, I’ll be out riding my new carbon fatbike and having the time of my life. I win.

Yxab - 07/26/13 - 3:12pm

its a 190x12mm what is so incompatible with it? get over yourself it is a fine bike!

Frank - 07/28/13 - 10:26pm

You guys are acting like a bunch of whiny… uh, children, but I’m with patrik on this one. The q-factor on fatbikes with 170mm rear axles is already a big problem, why make them even wider?

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