Joystick Gives Back to Digger, Trails, with Digger Component Line

Todd “Digger” Fiander has been a trail building fixture on the Shore for years. Joystick Bicycle Components  thought that was a great reason to make him part of the team, and allow him to have a part with a signature line of components. Proceeds from the sale of the Digger line will go back to the legendary trail builder to allow him to continue building his epic trails.

Check out the Digger line, and a teaser of Garett Buehler’s Barred for Life 2 segment after the break!



garett buehler section teaser for -barred for life #2 from Joystick Bicycle Components



JimmyZ - 07/20/13 - 12:23am

how big is the digger saddle, and is it flat or does it go up at the back?

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