Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Copper Mountain Ride


Photo submitted by Jayson Clarke of Canberra, Australia. “G’day! I’m an Australian that was on a work assignment in Copper Mountain, Colorado, when I took a couple of pics of the 2014 Specialized Tarmac I was riding. Breathtaking bike, and the altitude was breathtaking, literally, too!”

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Sardinian Rider - 07/19/13 - 7:22am

The hell with the view,is the 2014 Tarmac Sworks matte or glossy ?

Geoff - 07/19/13 - 8:35am

Jayson, did we see you and your two mates on the Porcupine Rim trail a few days prior? It was a hot one if so! Nice picture; thanks for sharing. ….gb

Matt - 07/19/13 - 11:27am

Is that a bike-only trail smooth enough for a road bike that goes on as far as the eye can see through luscious mountains!?

I really need to leave my flat, hot, bike-hating state.

ColoradoLocal - 07/19/13 - 11:51am

The trail goes up Vail Pass between the strips of I70… Sometimes I would rather ride on the interstate itself because people car shuttle all kinds of crazy bikes and even long boards. Frankly, I’d rather deal with cars… It is beautiful, but there are so many better climbs in Colorado…

off-roadie - 07/19/13 - 5:17pm

You and me both, Matt…

Jayson - 07/20/13 - 12:50am

Sardinian Rider, that particular bike I was riding was matte black. There were many other colours on offer, but this one was super cool!

Jayson - 07/20/13 - 4:50am

@Geoff, you probably did! I wasn’t good on where we were(so far from home!), but Porcupine Rim Trail sounds familiar! If you ran into some enthusiastic Aussies, it could’ve been us!

Jayson - 07/20/13 - 4:54am

@Matt, you probably don’t want to hear this, but yes!

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