Remote Control Barspins

Forget electronic suspension, unassisted remote control barpsins are all the rage.


NASH - 07/18/13 - 3:34am

Does that guy work for NASA? I dearly hope not.

Trey R - 07/18/13 - 7:55am

I want to do that to…… well I don’t know yet, but I am always looking useless things to do to make myself more awesome. And having some friends back home that work for NASA….. that’s pretty much a good representation of what they do for recreation.

RobbeyO - 07/18/13 - 9:33am

That was hilarious. Made my day!

Sascha - 07/18/13 - 4:19pm

This one should work for tailwhips as well :-)

nh - 07/18/13 - 10:42pm

Cool new G-string GoPro mount too!

Kevin - 07/20/13 - 6:52am

I wonder if it’s the angular momentum of the front wheel. They tested it in the stand when the front wheel wasn’t spinning, but off the jump the front wheel will be spinning and it will require a greater torque from the motor to spin the handlebars.

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