All New Alpinestars Bionic Neck Brace

Alpine Star Bionic 2Alpinestars, famous for their high quality motorcycle gear, recently updated their popular neck brace – the BNS (Bionic Neck System). Both the entry level Pro Model (MSRP $289.95) and Tech Carbon (MSRP $349.95) are much lighter than the previous versions.

Fit has also been adjusted. Previously, the brace came in five different sizes. Now, stores will only have to stock two sizes, sizes XS-M and L-XL. Included are all the parts necessary to adjust between sizes. The brace has also been made wider across the shoulders to accommodate more helmet designs.

Hop past the break for the press. Alpine Star BNS Tech Carbon


Paul in VA - 07/11/13 - 8:55pm

Any recommendations from the peanut gallery for an entry level leatt brace? 40 years old, 6′ 2″, 175 lbs.

jonny hive - 07/11/13 - 9:50pm

Yeah, stop and think.

Padrote - 07/11/13 - 11:00pm

not to be completely pedantic but the name of the company is alpinestars.

Matt - 07/12/13 - 11:50am

My recommendation is to spend the money. The good ones are $300+ but it is so worth it to protect your neck. The cheap ones do not work and can actually mess you up worse in a crash. These are great for BMX and downhilling. Just go do it.

Saris - 07/12/13 - 7:33pm

@Padrote – Fixed!

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