Bike Fixtation Adds High Security Public Use Pumps to Its Lineup of Bike Kiosk Products


If you ride a bike, chances are you’ve been in a situation when you really wished you had a pump.  Well, Bike Fixtation has come out with a high security, virtually weather proof public use pump for trailheads, campuses, commuter hubs, etc.  The pump features heavy-duty stainless steel construction, a solid core pump rod, and a cut-resistant hose.  If you aren’t familiar with Bike Fixtation, they’re a Minneapolis grass roots company making some pretty cool bicycle infrastructure products such as public use repair stands, tube recycling boxes, and bike vending machines complete with tubes, tools, drinks, even locks.  A full bike kiosk, like you might find in Minneapolis, includes a repair stand, bike tools, pump or inflator, and vending machine    The excuses against commuting by bicycle due to inconvenience are diminishing every day.


Ryan - 06/24/13 - 5:31pm

“The excuses against commuting by bicycle due to inconvenience are diminishing every day.” As it should be.

Brendan - 06/24/13 - 10:07pm

Angry Catfish Bicycles Minneapolis, MN

Sardinian Rider - 06/25/13 - 4:45am

Build something like that here in Italy and the whole thing will be vandalized in less than 24hrs,pump will be gone along with the tile it’s bolted at.

NASH - 06/25/13 - 11:11am

There is one in Wimbledon similar to this and its vandal proof, unless you had a grinder there isnt much you could do to it.

It could used be used as a pole dancing platform for entertaining Italian PMs so maybe it would last.

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