Friday Shredits: Danny MacAskill Special Edition

How could we not show this again? Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate is certainly one of the best mountain bike videos of all time, not just because of the riding but the creativity. If you haven’t watched this yet, or even if you have, take a break to see Danny act out his childhood dreams in spectacular fashion.

Check out all the videos that got him to this point after the break!

In September, 2012 Danny took on the streets of San Francisco for a spot for Remington trimmers of all things.

In 2011 the amazing Industrial Revolutions was produced by Cut Media, who have been involved in many of Danny’s projects along the way, including the epic new Imaginate.

Before that it was Way Back Home, Danny’s trip from Edinburgh back to his hometown of Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye.

Thanks to a clip from Inspired Bicycles, the world got a taste of just what Danny was capable in 2009. As the video that started it all, it has a mere 32,777,408 views currently and was big enough for Youtube to feature him in the following interview.

Finally, we’ll leave you with this clip from Dig Deep. There are even more videos on Danny’s site, so make sure to check those out.

The question we all want to know – how is he going to top Imaginate?


80 - 06/21/13 - 4:02pm

+ infinity for the C-26 pic on the wall, and ‘shoot yr boots off!’

RickyBob - 06/21/13 - 5:51pm

I think this is awesome but it does not qualify as “mountain biking”.

MMyers - 06/21/13 - 6:25pm

Neither does riding in Florida, but they have a good time riding “mountain” bikes.

RickyBob - 06/21/13 - 6:54pm

That’s a pretty lame parallel there MMyers. Just call it what it is. These videos have more to do with Trials and BMX than mountain biking.

chris - 06/21/13 - 8:07pm

Might not be mtn biking but it’s still pretty awesome

Gillis - 06/21/13 - 8:47pm

Hey guys, it’s called “Bike” Rumor…not mountain bike rumor. No one has called it mountain biking. BUT a lot of the skills Danny possesses can be applied to mountain styled cycling pursuits, so it’s still relevant.

CXisfun - 06/21/13 - 10:26pm

Gillis: Actually, read the article. “Imaginate is certainly one of the best mountain bike videos of all time”.

RickyBob is right, this isn’t a mountain biking video. It’s damn awesome, and outrageous, but not a mountain biking video.

Richie Rich - 06/22/13 - 5:00am

It is called ” Beyond Physic ” and by chance Cycling is not only 22mm tubulars on carbon wheels…

This kind of guy help cycling to be known to young crowd who might be one day Road racers.

Welcome in 2013!

Wildman - 06/23/13 - 4:26pm

There are some people on this site that need to take one helluva big chill pill….. Awe-inspiring vid.

brewcreekbikes - 06/24/13 - 1:02am

yeti poster on wall…tearing up….amazing

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