Scoop Up a New Saddle in 8 Colors from Charge

ch14_scoop_blackgreenCalling it the best saddle they’ve ever made, the new Charge Scoop is a sleek saddle available in a variety of colors. Designed with a flexible once piece base with a super light foam upper, each saddle has a microfiber cover that is durable and waterproof.

Check out the Scoop in all of the flavors, next.


Scoops will be available in both Ti and Chromoly rails, though not in all colors.

Charge Scoop Line UpThe Black, Black/White, White, and White/Black saddle will be offered in Ti rails while the Red/Black, Black/Red, Black/Green, Brown/Blue will be offered with chromoly rails. The saddle weighs in at 245g for the Ti version and will retail for £39.99 for Chromoly, and £59.99 for Ti ($62/$93). The saddle measures 145mm wide and 280mm long.


Bikeman - 06/20/13 - 5:31pm

Cycling Sport Group has been busy. New GT and Cannondale’s. New clothing from Sugoi. New saddle from Charge. Anything new from Mongoose or Schwinn?

Seraph - 06/20/13 - 7:05pm

Colors are great, but those saddles look uncomfortable as all get out.

not bad - 06/20/13 - 8:09pm

they look like they were “inspired” by the Fizik Aliante saddles . I have four of the Fiziks on different bikes and they suite me fine.

Brattercakes - 06/20/13 - 8:29pm

I want one! I want one!

Justin - 06/20/13 - 10:20pm

More angles would be nice…

Ham-planet - 06/20/13 - 11:19pm

If it’s from Charge and it’s not the return of the Blender, I’m not interested.

Shipwrecked - 06/21/13 - 1:27am

@Bikeman, not that I’ve seen, maybe they fired everyone when they laid off 50+ people last week…

Luigi - 06/21/13 - 3:15am

A copy of Specialized Phenom? is identical

hfc - 06/21/13 - 2:42pm

How can it be identical when you can’t even see a profile from above? not to mention no mention of a cutout.

Chris - 06/21/13 - 5:03pm

@ Luigi….whaaaa?

Joshua Murdock - 06/27/13 - 12:55am

Nice saddle. I didn’t plan on having children, anyway. I’ve never ridden it, so I can’t say if it’s actually comfortable or not… but judging by the rise in the nose, I’d be anticipating some unfortunately located numbness if the saddle isn’t angled down.

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