Look out E.T., You’re Not The Only One Able to Fly a Bike Anymore!

You may remember some of our previous posts on the pedal powered helicopter in which students from the University of Maryland created and flew just such a device.  Now a much more compact electric version could be carrying humans by the end of the year!  The video depicts a dummy aloft the cycle controlled by RC.  At 22olbs. and far from compact it may not be practical for your average commuter, but it sure is a cool way to catch some sweet air.  Check out the full story over at CNet.


Craig - 06/13/13 - 8:51pm

Human powered flight has been done before close to 30 years ago. Check out the Gossamer Condor

Mindless - 06/13/13 - 9:28pm

We do have a lot of dummies on cycles commuting around here.

Eric - 06/13/13 - 9:52pm

Wtf is the point?

Ham Bananna Jammer - 06/14/13 - 1:41pm

Yeah Eric, what is the point of flying machines. Flying bikes are just for kooks.

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