Danny MacAskill Riding a New Signature Model Skye in Imaginate #4?

Danny MacAskills new bike

Having been sponsored by Inspired Bikes for awhile now, Danny’s bike in most of his recent videos has been an orange Inspired Skye – his signature frame. In the latest episode of the Imaginate series, Danny is seen riding this blue Inspired Skye, which looks like it could be a new model. Other than the color (which could just be a custom job for Danny), the bike has what looks to be a tapered head tube while the current Skye still has a standard 1 1/8″. If there was going to be a new model, this would be a good time to get it ready – just in time for Danny’s big Imaginate clip which will be released on June 18th.

See the bike for yourself in Imaginate #4 after the break.


ccolagio - 06/06/13 - 1:55pm

tapered headtube…big deal

go to the 20second mark in the video here for a new rear dropout/axle style


Zach Overholt - 06/06/13 - 2:54pm

@ccolagio, that doesn’t look much different from the current one: http://www.inspiredbicycles.com/inspired_skye_bike_p33.php# It just uses a chain tensioner instead of horizontal dropouts so the chainstay length never changes.

Brian - 06/06/13 - 3:53pm

Is Danny no longer sponsored by HOPE? Those look like Magura brakes.

ccolagio - 06/06/13 - 6:13pm

hubs and stem are definitely hope. brakes are shimano saints

and yes youre right – wasnt aware of that – only looks like very small shape changes to dropout

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