Channel Your Inner Dirtbag with Kuat’s New 15 and 20mm Bike Mounts

Kuat Dirtbag 15mm 20mm rack

When it comes to hauling your bikes, very few commercial options would be considered “cheap.” Küat challenged that notion when they introduced their first Dirtbag – a $13 bolt on bike mount for standard 9mm quick release axles. With the growing use of thru axles though, Küat is launching their new 15 and 20mm versions of the Dirtbag which are only a few more bucks at $19. There are two different models, one for 15mm and one for 20mm. Bolt the Dirtbag to nearly any surface, then attach the bike using the axle from the bike and you’re off. The photo above shows the original 9mm Dirtbag on the left, and the new thru axle Dirtbags on the right which resemble a T.

Küat Dirtbags feature a solid steel construction that carries a lifetime warranty.


nanci djreaux - 05/29/13 - 10:12am

i want a 135mm wide 9mm QR for my pugs pleeeze

Skip - 05/29/13 - 10:45am

I have made several of this style of holder over the years, at this price I would not bother buying the material and firing up my gas rig to make my own. Well done and good looking product. It is about time something came out we can afford.

Topmounter - 05/29/13 - 11:31am

Things certainly look like they’re about to get pretty steamy in that picture on the right.

RUSTYDOGG - 05/29/13 - 1:42pm

Hey cool. Been wanting a cheap mount for the rail system in my truck for extra bikes. Couple tabs, nut and bolt these should mount right up. Was getting ready to make a couple, why bother at that price. Running two DriveShaft SD’s but those units are $90.

OldManRidley - 05/30/13 - 1:44pm

Kuat servin’ up the goods at Springfield Brewery! Nice promo shot!

JimmyZ - 05/30/13 - 10:58pm

don’t they void the fork warranty?

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