Review: New Darn Tough 3/4 Merino Wool Ultralight Cycling Socks


Marc and I have both been rockin’ Darn Tough Merino wool cycling socks for quite some time. Marc’s review is here, and until they contacted us a couple years ago, I’d never heard of them. Funny thing is, once I had a pair, I started noticing just how many of my friends had already discovered these little gems.

For 2013, they’ve introduced four new styles, the highlights being the new 3/4 length “Road Warrior” above and “Herringbone” designs. They’re a blend of 53% Merino Wool, 43% Nylon and 4% Lycra Spandex, and they feel great. With my original pair, I tested the anti-stink nature of their wool by wearing same pair of socks for the entire SRAM Rise wheels launch, which included two full days of riding followed by racing the Roc d’Azur. With no washing. Oh, and the plane flights to and from Europe. And there was no stink. Seriously.

These haven’t suffered through quite the same test, but they’re just as comfortable as ever thanks to a no-feel toe seam and plenty of cushioning for an “ultralight” sock. Retail is just $17, and if they hold up half as well as the others I’ve had, that’s a steal. Check the others below…



The Herringbone design uses the same material mix and construction, but with a bit more classic style on the upper sections. The only thing I’d caution against is sizing…out of the box they run a bit big. Their sizing chart suggest an XL for US12.5 and up, and I’m a 13, but they’re plenty big. Of course, they’re wool, so I’m guessing I can customize that sizing a bit with some judicious dryer time.




Also new are the Light Cushion No-Show and Quarter Length socks. Designed for running and biking, they use the same virtually seamless construction. Retail is $14 and $17 respectively.

All of Darn Tough’s socks are made in Vermont, USA, and carry a lifetime guarantee.



fraser - 05/18/13 - 2:29pm

The Herringbone looks quite nice and the price is good too. Mhh… should give it a try.

David - 05/18/13 - 2:53pm

Can’t see paying that much coin. For what these cost, I paid for 5 pairs of Sock Guy socks.

fraser - 05/18/13 - 4:25pm

@David: 14-17$ (about 10-12€ for me 😀 ) isn’t too much for a good pair of merinowool socks. You can get cheaper sock, but i don’t know, if they’re worth it.

e.g. Defeed is in the same price range and they are quite nice too and they still look good after 2 years of use.

ChocTop - 05/18/13 - 7:12pm

Couldn’t get much uglier, too much to ask for plain Black or White?

Lance Lemond - 05/18/13 - 11:09pm

I need wool socks for work that can double for the ride home. Don’t let me down bikerumor. DarnTough actually make a plain black so @ChopToc should head to Also, this site has the entire Darn Tough lineup for 15% off –

Ajax - 05/18/13 - 11:54pm

OMG! Those socks are hideous. Just terrible.

nobby nic - 05/19/13 - 6:57pm

Lifetime warranty on these Vs.
Sock Guy heels blowing out in a month. Thats a tough one…

Will - 05/20/13 - 8:46am

Darn Tough socks are fantastic. I have numerous pairs of their hiking socks that I wear for hiking, running, and work. I abuse them a good bit, but several pairs have lasted 5+ years.
Haven’t tried their cycling socks, but I imagine they’re great as well.
PS – where can you find Sock Guy socks for $3/pair???

lesalpes - 05/20/13 - 10:25am

…except those five pairs of Sock Guy socks will last about a month before they lose their elasticity and get holes in the toes. I’ve tried lots of socks over the years, and the worst socks I’ve ever used have been consistently Suck Guy and a pair of Pearl Izumis that got all floppy. I’ve used some Darn Tough. Liked them….the pair I had were a little thick and warm for my preferences, but they were really comfortable. If they can get them a little thinner while maintaining comfort and durability, then they might rival my current favorites – Swiftwick.

….for custom I like Save Our Soles as my favs amongst the big three of SOS, DeFeet and Suck Guy.

Ben - 05/20/13 - 10:54am

ChocTop, you can also get the Micro Crew Ultra-Light Darn Tough socks in black or white, among other colors:

Chad - 05/20/13 - 2:25pm

These are great socks. I use them for ‘cross, and when the weather is poor outside for road. Their lifetime warranty is amazing and having been to their factory in Vermont, I can tell you they really take the time to make a great product.

dave - 05/21/13 - 1:33am

they’re ugly as sin… but for some reason… I kinda like it that way! As far as comfort and durability go… these are unmatched. I’ll take comfort and long-lasting over cheap any time.

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