SOC13: Club Ride Introduces Jack, Jill, and Woody – Riding Gear for Fall

SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14 SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14

As one of our favorite casual-looking-but-actually-technical riding apparel companies, Club Ride was on hand with a few new styles for the upcoming Fall Season. Adding to their current jeans, the Rale and Ray, Club Ride is adding a more relaxed fit, roomier model called the Woody Jean. Made from 8oz denim with 2% Lycra for stretch in two colors, the Woody still features reflective accents and specially place pockets for use while riding. Woody will likely pair well with the new Jack or Jill flannel shirts.

SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14 SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14

Built with a heavier fabric than their other long sleeve jerseys, the Jack and Jill will still feature mesh panels for ventilation, along with hidden pockets in the back.

SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14 SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14

If you’re into knickers, you’ll no longer be forced into solid colors with the introduction of plaid.

SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14

Taking things a bit more casual are the aptly named Club Ride Logo hoodies. The interesting bit here is that the hoodies are actually made with old coffee grounds. Yup, coffee. The same stuff you were probably sipping on this morning is recycled, carbonized, and embedded into the fabric which makes for a green fabric with great properties. Now, only if you could absorb the caffeine from the hoody…

SOC13: Club Ride Teases Fall 2013/14


ahole - 05/06/13 - 11:02am

Those sure are some ugly duds.

I'm So Hard(tail) - 05/06/13 - 5:43pm

Are you absolutely sure about those jeans being 80oz denim? I’m pretty sure that if someone tried to ride in 80oz jeans they would pass out from the heat that they’re holding in.

David French - 05/07/13 - 4:14am

The coffee material isn’t so ‘green’ after it’s been shipped to China and then back to America… Make your clothing in the US please.

FloodedRightEye - 05/07/13 - 4:19am

@Hard(tail): did u look CR website, the jeans are under “Around town” category.

skipdapbaddamarangdoo - 05/07/13 - 12:10pm

I’d rock those jeans

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