Video: BMX Bangers in Barcelona

Ridiculous street riding from some of the best European (and one American) riders in the world. Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco, Kriss Kyle, Joris Coulomb, Daniel Tünte, and Chad Kerley absolutely killing it in beautiful Barcelona.

Thanks to Ethan for the tip.


Tommy Rodgers - 05/03/13 - 7:11am

Best thing I’ve watched in weeks :)

notapro - 05/03/13 - 8:11am

Amazing riding.

Adam - 05/03/13 - 8:45am

But why no helmets???

Shredder - 05/03/13 - 8:55am

The nose wheelie to manual at the end is just sick. That said, while they are indeed absolutely killing it, what’s being killed might be something different unless they put on some helmets.

Kyle - 05/03/13 - 9:46am

Why has not wearing a helmet become cool again?

Betty Beige - 05/03/13 - 11:55am

Cooler with a helmet.. especially if you ride for RedBull

biggermig - 05/03/13 - 12:17pm

Sure is nice when you can choose whether or not to wear a helmet. Yay freedom! Ride bikes!

jarod - 05/03/13 - 1:28pm

why no elbow/knee pads? What about wrist guards? Why no kevlar vests incase they get impaled by a peg/pedal or something else? They can die of blood loss perhaps! Wheres camera dudes helmet? This is all bad…very bad. Why does bike rumor post vids of reckless bikers with no helmets? Do they want us to not wear helmets? Does Nike condone this? Im gonna write a letter!

oh wait thats right, I dont give a Fck!

Tobias - 05/03/13 - 2:58pm

Great Vid!

And with the helmets: thes are the some of best athletes in the world.
They are riding all of the time, “they are professionals”.
Do you think any of the stuff ine the video worked onn the first trie?
Think about it !
And the ncomplain about role models and so on.
cheers 😀

Eric NM - 05/06/13 - 11:38am

No helmets? No interest. No thanks.

Effing stupid.

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