Lynskey Adds Two New Carbon Forks to Build Options

For Lynskey fans and customers, two new road bike forks have been added to the mix of options.

Both have straight 1-1/8″ steerers, alloy dropout inserts for 9mm QR, and Lynskey logos. The Pro, above, uses 3K woven carbon fiber with a full carbon steerer, matte finish and comes in at 336g. Retail is $349.

The Sport model, pictured after the break, uses 12K carbon fiber and gets a glossy finish. It’s steerer and crown are alloy, and it comes in at 542g with a 300mm steerer. Retail is $179. Full specs on their website


Whatever - 04/24/13 - 1:32pm

Lynskey OEMs a fork. This is news?

Fudge Yeah!!! - 04/24/13 - 1:41pm

I was really hoping to see a true axle disc fork.

Speedy - 04/24/13 - 4:59pm

$58 more and you get an Enve 2.0.

I am curious as to who is making these? And who designed them? Are they designed by Lynskey, or did they just purchase a carbon fork from an open mold?

donnie - 04/24/13 - 5:28pm

cheep chinese mass products, like their tubesets…

Greg - 04/24/13 - 9:19pm

they should put a twist on the legs to “stiffen” them. ha!

Luker - 04/25/13 - 12:02am

I dunno. I love the idea of craft Honed carbon, but someday SE Asians will do it just as well. (And have been) Lynksey has a b*tch of an accountant but how else can you survive?

Joe b - 04/25/13 - 8:17am

Just another example of cheep Chinese crap coming from lynskey. Looks like they ripped of Winwood and Easton. Don’t expect any innovation from these guys just imitation and replication.

Gravity - 04/25/13 - 9:26pm

They didn’t “rip off” anyone. They went to China and got forks made, like hundreds of companies before. Nothing shocking about that. Hardly news, but hardly anything to get upset over.

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