Skyhigh on a StoopidTall Huffy

Would you be brave enough? Only 14.5′ up. Scroll to the very end for some cool photos for perspective.


dale - 04/23/13 - 6:10pm

Holy crap, that is too funny. You could get caught in some nasty situations on that bike!

Bobert - 04/23/13 - 6:28pm

pretty friggin cool

pete - 04/23/13 - 6:47pm

the risks of an uncontrolled environment were greater than appear.

mike - 04/23/13 - 7:57pm

rad pants brah

Chris - 04/23/13 - 9:09pm


Brian - 04/23/13 - 9:44pm

Looks flexy. Jk super awesome

Buttrumpus - 04/23/13 - 10:12pm

At that height, what good would a helmet even do? Way to go Richie.

PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 04/23/13 - 10:26pm

that is real cool, was it a Critical Mass Ride?

Yetiman - 04/23/13 - 11:01pm

I thought Hipsters were (deleted), I’m wrong…..respect!

wheelz - 04/23/13 - 11:04pm

That’s rad!

George - 04/23/13 - 11:18pm

When I see a bike like this I wonder why the manufacturer didn’t just go one small step further and put in mounts for fenders. It just seems like they are turning their backs on a potential market segment. It wouldn’t be much trouble, they wouldn’t need to change the basic bike they made at all, just have some way to add fenders. I’m not trying to single out this bike or this manufacturer, I see it from most manufacturers.

Jon Jon - 04/24/13 - 12:58am

I secretly want to see this guy eat shit. Secretly.

FireAnthem - 04/24/13 - 1:49am

and here comes George rushing in with the “every bike should have fender mounts because its turning their back on a market segment.” Of all posts to see that dumb comment on, this is one of the stupidest lol

Steven - 04/24/13 - 1:53am

@George, I couldn’t agree more.

Koen - 04/24/13 - 4:25am

@ Chris, i’d rather take a parachute!

ACE - 04/25/13 - 2:35pm

Thanks for the vid loved every minute of it!!!

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