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bikerumor monday mystery pic from first flight bicycles statesville nc

Photo from the folks at First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this part is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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uglyyeti - 04/22/13 - 7:03am

Another new bottom bracket standard, or is this one universal?

Frank - 04/22/13 - 7:15am

Frame for a bike with a gearbox, similar to Pinion.

Justin Walsh - 04/22/13 - 7:17am

It’s a Softride. Tri-guys used to love these in South Florida in the late 90’s. Why? I don’t know.

Justin Walsh - 04/22/13 - 7:22am

Nevermind. No it’s not.

Johnny - 04/22/13 - 7:45am

Hmmm…a welding jig maybe?

saverio de ceglia - 04/22/13 - 7:49am

monster of Lock Ness???

MG-B - 04/22/13 - 8:11am

Frame for a gearbox a la Pinion but with a missing chainstay?

Or you know just some tubes randomly welded together…

Chris - 04/22/13 - 8:12am

A Pinion P1.18-gearbox frame without its own casing?
And is that a lefty? Reminds me of Rob English’ lefty racing bike.
Maybe it the monster of Loch Ness…

David M - 04/22/13 - 8:25am

Front half of a collapsible tandem? There looks to be room for a fork and wheel up front but not at the back.
Or a trick bike for doing front wheelies?

jud - 04/22/13 - 8:26am

some kind of pedicab frame with a gearbox?

Fatboy - 04/22/13 - 8:49am

the ill fated Il Duece tandem seatpost from Campy

David - 04/22/13 - 9:10am

Bicycle polo adapter for the horse

spokejunky - 04/22/13 - 9:21am

Oversized Frosty the Snowman cookie cutter.

Wild Bill - 04/22/13 - 12:03pm


Darrell - 04/22/13 - 12:05pm

Looks like some sort of Titan Flex frame. Not sure what’s going on with the BB though but the beam seat post part looks like other Titan Flex frames.

Phil - 04/22/13 - 12:51pm

Looks like some kind of gauge.. only for what? Does not seem to me like a actual frame to be ridden. Testing different bottom brackets, chain lines???

rd - 04/22/13 - 1:12pm

Going in for the kill… campy seatpost

mirciu - 04/22/13 - 4:04pm

damn…the campy option’s been taken. I got nothin :(

Speedy - 04/22/13 - 5:22pm

@rd – no, its not a campy seat post, it’s a campy seat post holder.

DaleC - 04/22/13 - 7:24pm

Some kind of GT iDrive prototype?

Rob - 04/22/13 - 9:33pm

Is that an old Slingshot frame minus the cable?

MB - 04/22/13 - 10:26pm

^^ Phil must be the closest. Some of kind of fitting bike with a gearbox. No way to ride it with that rear monostay unless it uses some sort of non-traditional hub/wheel. Although it does seem to angle to the right side so maybe room for a wheel…

Shane - 04/22/13 - 10:52pm

A prototype Dan and Ed road/TT frame. Supposed to be belt drive.

mudrock - 04/23/13 - 12:18am

Frame for a trike, like an ice cream vendor pedicab-kinda thing.

mudrock - 04/23/13 - 12:20am

My guess is the BB gives you the option of a standard 68mm or an EBB.

Ontor - 04/23/13 - 6:40am

I seem to recall this as a chain drive internal gearbox racing frame (using a lefty hub with a cog bolted on the disc mount I think). I think the gearbox was just a short cage mech and (8speed?) cassette.

Kristi Benedict - 04/23/13 - 8:21am

Answer from Wes at First Flight Bicycles: “This is a Dan/Ed road frame, it has a single chainstay and was designed for a belt drive and gearbox system from the mid 90’s.

captain derp - 04/23/13 - 8:23am

doubt it’s for a gearbox… none of them are shaped that way – pinion, rohloff, etc, and they don’t mount in the frame that way.

another thought I had is that it is an alignment gauge for a frame welding jig, but if that were the case, there’d be more mounting positions, and the chain “stay” is entirely too long.

my best guess is that its the front end of some kind of work bike, either a trailer or maybe from a pedicab. possibly with some kind of moped integration.

Rotno - 04/23/13 - 2:50pm

Oh, but it is a gearbox, Ontor:

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