SOC13: Raleigh Updates Cyclocross Range – Stiffer & Lighter

2014 Raleigh RXC Disc Pro carbon fiber cyclocross bikes

Across the range, Raleigh’s ‘cross bikes get brighter, with a quite palatable orange and blue paint scheme. They also all get a bit lighter, mostly thanks to spec changes on the carbon bikes and frame mods for the alloy models.

Pro carbon model gets only minor tweaks in cable port placement. The rear derailleur wire/cable port moved to the top of the chainstay, which makes mechanical runs much cleaner. They switched to American Classic wheels, which dropped about half a pound.

For the RCX Pro, the blue color is new and will only be available as a complete bike with Ultrgra Di2, Hayes mechanicals and mostly FSA cockpit. Retail is $5,000, which is about a grand cheaper than last year! Available in July. Framesets will also be available, including a single speed and cantilever brake option.

But the big changes are on the alloy bikes…

2014 Raleigh RXC Disc Pro carbon fiber cyclocross bikes

2014 Raleigh RX1 cyclocross bikes

Alloy cyclocross frames are updated with a 27.2 seatpost (versus 30.6) and ovalizes the downtube. It flares out at the BB and actually provides a bit more mud splatter protection in addition to making it stiffer.

2014 Raleigh RX2 Disc cyclocross bikes

They also added their own full carbon fork, which saves weight over the alloy-steerered Eastons of years past. House brand wheels all get wider rims, providing a better tire contact patch and sealed bearings, all wrapped in Schwalbe Racing Ralphs.

Overall, the alloy bikes stay the same price or jump $200, mainly thanks to better wheels, but weight goes down on both frame and spec for all, from about .5 to .9 pounds.

2014 Raleigh RX1 womens Disc cyclocross bikes

They also switched to a two bolt seatpost, which keeps the saddle securely positioned when hopping back on it during a race.


The orange and blue paint schemes were inspired by Gulf racing Porsches, and the women’s model (black) gets BMW M3 inspired stripes.

And yes, they looked at the new SRAM and TRP brakes, but delivery dates for those wouldn’t have allowed the bikes to be on the dealer’s floors in time.


Neil S. - 04/18/13 - 4:00pm

So overall they managed to shave almost a pound off the weight – bravo. I have not tried the trpbrakes so any chance of a review on those?

WV Cycling - 04/18/13 - 5:22pm

Not to be hating, but couldn’t they drop $700 off the price if they used a non ENVE fork?

P.S. Love their handlebars, but price = yikes. :(

WV Cycling - 04/18/13 - 5:24pm

Eeeeep, ^ That post shows I didn’t completely read, doesn’t it? Sorry~

Sevo - 04/18/13 - 6:30pm

WV-Yeah the enve fork is $400-$500 so no :)

Caliente - 04/18/13 - 9:22pm

I’m glad they realized that wheel and tire choice is actually important for cyclocross! Sure, a lot of people upgrade, but on the other hand, a lot of people dont. Upgrading spec (especially wheels) is a good move on their part.

Anybody know how mud clearance is on the aluminum frames compared to last year at the BB and a the seatstays? I was a bit confused by this line:
“It flares [the downtube?] out at the BB and actually provides a bit more mud splatter protection in addition to making it stiffer.”

Any rumors of a new aluminum SS frame?

Chris L - 04/18/13 - 9:39pm

I wish they’d bring back the alloy single speed model! I’d love to build up a SS cross bike but the $2k price tag is way more than I want to drop for a SS frame.

jay - 04/19/13 - 1:10am

I’m thrilled the women’s model isn’t pink or purple or light turquoise! Such a refreshing change from most women’s-specific bikes.

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