Giant Teases 650b Full Suspension Bikes

Giant Teases 650b Full Suspension Bikes

Giant held their season opening press camp over the past few days, and if you’ve had your eye to the internet the big news was the materialization of a few new 650b prototypes. Two different models were shown in both Aluminum and carbon, with one looking like it could be an Anthem, and the other above looking like it could be a 650b Trance. Head on over to VeloVert for images of the shorter travel bike, and a few more details.


Guy - 04/12/13 - 10:48pm

Well, it looks like my ’08 Trance X could be getting replaced. My Giant rep has been asking when I’m going to go to a 29er and my response was “When you guys build a 4-5 inch 650 bike.” I guess I’m due. Should be some killer bikes. Nothing against 29ers at all, but I think 650b is really going to take the lions share of the market within five years or so.

Chad - 04/13/13 - 7:18am

Pinkbike has a more detailed release

Bayard - 04/13/13 - 4:55pm

Chad please post the link.

Greg - 04/13/13 - 9:56pm

sorry, dude, but if you got to this part of the internet, im sure you can get over there.

Bayard - 04/14/13 - 9:04am

Thanks Greg Andersen

Bob Loblaw - 04/15/13 - 8:47am

Please! No more Overdrive 2! Their bikes ride great and are reasonably priced, but nobody needs another “standard”- that stuff just makes life harder for shops and customers. Nobody wins.

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