Supacaz makes an impression with eye-catching bar tape cum casual wear

New to the bike industry (but arguably born into it), Andrew Anthony Sinyard’s company Supacaz has hit the market with some vibrantly colored anti-slip shockproof bar tape (that they spent over a year developing) as well as screw-in bar plugs and casual wear.  As near as we can tell, Supacaz is shorthand for “super casual,” and the brand’s first collection is unapologetically inspired by ’80s colors and graphics.

Now, we get dozens of press releases here every week- and it takes something (or a slow news day) for one to stand out.  If you’re not at work, hit the jump to find out why. (Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that the bar tape is both anti-slip and shockproof.)

This was not what we expected when we read that “SUPACAZ produces the flashiest high end cycling accessories and apparel in the world.”  We now know a bit more of what to expect when they mention “a very unique bar tape video that is one-of-a-kind in the cycling world” (and nowhere to be found on the company’s website).

All joking aside, the $40 patented Super Sticky Kush bar tape promises anti slip for super grip and comes in some really cool colors with matching expanding bar plugs.  And nothing is sexier.  Apparently.

The forthcoming Stunna kit is strangely appealing:  remember, if you can put it on, you can pull it off.



42 thoughts on “Supacaz makes an impression with eye-catching bar tape cum casual wear

  1. Let’s advertise with women as sex symbols, and then wonder why women don’t want to ride!

    Meh. I’ll just keep swearing at my microtex tape for being a huge pain to wrap.

  2. That jersey reminds me of the 80s. Not the good times doing blow in Miami with Tony Montana 80’s but the sad “Hey, we just found out how to mix neon colors but know nothing about graphic design” 80s.

    and @Steven – you win the internet today.

  3. Adrian, please shut up.

    There’s enough feminist crying everywhere else on the internet. Don’t need it here, too.

  4. Pretty but freakin’ hilarious – from the overkill photoshoot to the prices to their lingo. Still, I do like the neon blue tape standalone. Now I just have to hope fizik puts out a similar color in their “collezione”….AH FFS MY SIDES.

  5. I’d be offended- if this wasn’t so obviously a company with no future.

    @Mark: shouldn’t that read “I wonder how much Big Sinyard would’ve paid not to have had this article posted?”

  6. Adam,

    You dirty bird. I believe that this was a correct use of the word:
    cum /ko?om/ Preposition: Combined with; also used as (used to describe things with a dual nature or function): “a study-cum-bedroom”.


  7. Antipodean_G,

    I can’t remember where that came from exactly, but it’s about confidence:
    “I don’t know if I can pull this outfit off”
    “Of course you can! If you can put it on, you can pull it off.”
    Yeah, it was funnier in my head.


  8. I think this is pretty cool actually. I hate how the only colors out there for bikes are black, white, red. A splash of colo like this is very refreshing

  9. Advice to a new rd bike accessory company, lose the sexist ad campaign. This is rd cycling not UFC bro. Good luck otherwise.

  10. Really? fifty bucks for tape? Is it $10 better than that Lizard Skins tape that I like so much? ….I admit, though, I do kind of like that blue. …and I agree about the dearth of color style on bicycle frames, but let’s not overcompensate. Remember those Broken Bones Bicycles? When you try too hard to be edgy, you wind up just being ridiculous?

    I still can’t tell. I think that’s Ruth on the bike.

  11. Actually, on second thought, if he wants to follow Dad’s business model, he can charge $100 for the tape and call it a “limited edition”, spend a disproportionate amount of resources on advertising and sue anyone else who uses neon.

  12. @Butch Deadlift

    Clearly there’s not enough if lowlife Bro Bros like you can speak for us.

    This ad campaign is just stupid. What kind of guys and girls do they think they’re marketing to?

    @Bike Rumor: do you just cut and paste whatever is sent to you, or do you actually think and then post what you think is worth putting up?

  13. My wife likes pink stuff on her bike so selling it isn’t stupid, asking almost as much as for fancy bar tape as I paid for plain Deda bar tape and a Jagwire cable kit is possibly stupid. (yes the tape and cables are pink, her bike is green and its nickname is Muffy)

  14. Nope, won’t be buying that! For someone who has long been in the bike industry, Anthony has done a bad job recognizing that men aren’t the only ones why buy bar tape. Poor move.

  15. Now everyone knows where their the big S margins are being spent. What’s with the name anyways? Do women want to by bartape that is advertised strapped around a naked woman’s body? I’ll stick with Lizard Skins.

  16. Also, if you want colors, check Cinelli or Bike Ribbon. They’ve been selling cork tape in muchos color wayos for a very, very long time.

  17. $40 for bar tape?

    Forced to make a guess, I’d have been hard pressed to figure out if this guy was in the Trek family or Specialized. Hey we have 1 or 2 good bikes, lets mark up everything!!!! Even the entry level bikes, and everything else we make. Double the price!

  18. Looks like a half done project. Most of the products are “coming soon” on the website and while they have a hot model demoing how to tape the bars (if thats what she is supposed to be doing) there is no talk of the benefit of the actual product.

    Think Sinyard Sr. gave anthony a project to keep him busy.

  19. This tape peeled after 3 weeks – for my friend also. Cleaning this tape is also very difficult. Not recommended. Staying with Lizard Skins.

  20. It is the shortest-lasting tape I have ever bought. They are bright and color for sure, but I would rather spend the money on other more higher quality brands.

    The ad – Meh, such a corny way to advertise products

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