Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross & Kids Bikes

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

When UK based Worx Bikes stepped onto the scene, the direct-to-consumer brand focused on two models – SR-01 and SR-02 which were essentially nice fixed gear models with one or two speeds. Looking towards the future, the brand has been hard at work, unveiling a new line of bikes at the Taipei Show. Between the Road Worx, Cross Worx, and Junior Worx bikes the brand will radically expand its offerings – once the bikes are complete. As of now, everything is still in the sample/prototype stage, but the results look promising.

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Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

In a world gone carbon, Worx is sticking with shapely aluminum in the form of their Road Worx 1.0 and 2.0 models. According to Road.CC’s coverage, the frames are to be made from MU9 Vanadium – essentially 6000 series aluminum with Magnesium and Vanadium added to the alloy which helps with the shapely forming of the tubes. The choice of material will also help keep costs down, which fits with Worx’ vision for affordable, race worthy machines.

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

Worx bikes will feature tapered head tubes, right down to some of the Junior Worx models. While the frame is aluminum, the Road Worx RA 2.0 will feature a full carbon 360 gram 1 1/8 to 1.5″ tapered fork. Frame weight for the Road Worx is reported to be around 1,160g for a 56cm frame. The yet to be seen RA 1.0 will have a carbon fork with alloy steerer, and will be priced around $1800-1900 with SRAM Apex.

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

The Road Worx frame features flattened seat stays to aid with compliance, mated to oversize chainstays which state their purpose with “engineered for racing” printed on the inside of the stay.

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

Worx is also working on their own wheel systems which by the looks of things will be manufactured by Alex Rims. The key here is that they are wide – judging by the label we’re assuming a rim that is 26mm deep, that is 23mm wide. We shall see.

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes

Worx Bikes Introduces Road, Cross, and Kids Bikes


As mentioned, Worx is working on a line of cross and a line of kid’s bikes as well. According to Worx the Cross Worx CA 1.0 will have a 1250g alloy frame, carbon/alloy fork, and SRAM Apex while the CA 2.0 gets upgraded to full carbon fork, lighter wheels and a higher end drive train. The kid’s bikes are really interesting with a 24, 26, and 700c model designed for 6+, 8+, and 11+ respectively. The bikes look like they may have nailed the market for junior road bikes, though we’ll wait on the price tag for the final verdict.




Anabell - 04/09/13 - 1:19pm

Nice bike but I still love my http://www.2wheelbikes.com/hybrid-commuter-male-bike.html

Foundry Guy - 04/09/13 - 1:22pm

Why are we covering bikes you can’t purchase in the US?

mtbmww - 04/09/13 - 3:31pm

Maybe there are people outside the US who look at the internet and ride bikes too. Just maybe…….

Foundry Guy - 04/09/13 - 4:08pm



Myke - 04/09/13 - 5:05pm

Foundry is us designed but not made here. No different then a lot of companies

Steve @ G4G - 04/09/13 - 6:12pm

Cool bikes, good concept. That black and green CX bike makes me wonder if they’ve ever seen a Kona Jake the Snake.

thisisfunny - 04/09/13 - 6:33pm

1800-1900 for an aluminum frame + apex build? Is this some kind of joke?

Marc Basiliere - 04/09/13 - 7:19pm

That’s my new favorite head tube. Lovely.

Ben - 04/10/13 - 11:15am

Is this the same Worx that makes really crappy power tools?

rnr321 - 03/03/15 - 7:49am

No its not the same company as that makes “crappy tools”.. I believe they are an american company and WorxBikes based in the UK in Oxfordshire and comes from a motor racing background…

and Yes people outside the US ride bikes and read bike reviews too.

The junior bikes are lovely and spefically designed for racing with qualitiy components and geometery designed for the age range destined to ride them.

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