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Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Sean - 04/08/13 - 9:08am

Oil headlamp (or tail lamp) with rudimentary suspension on the right.

wrenchwebber - 04/08/13 - 9:08am

old school headlight

giacomo (binobaus) - 04/08/13 - 9:10am


Fatboy - 04/08/13 - 9:12am

Very early Campy seatpost lantern

Alexander Dunlop - 04/08/13 - 9:13am

Indeed. old school lamp. But maybe powered bij Carbide/Water.

Hmmm - 04/08/13 - 9:14am

A Bridgeport Brass kerosene bicycle lantern. Looks like early 1900’s instead of late 1800’s design.

Blake - 04/08/13 - 9:15am

Its a carbide headlight.

ant1 - 04/08/13 - 9:54am

old campy turn signal, seatpost mounted, of course.

Tizumo - 04/08/13 - 11:10am

old carbide headlight probably from 1920’s

King County - 04/08/13 - 11:14am

Bionic eye from the six-million dollar man.

robert - 04/08/13 - 12:04pm

+1 on the campy turn signal, ant1 may have forgotten to mention that this is designed for left turns only. if you wanted to make a right turn with your campy bicycle, you need to purchase a seatpost mounted hand-crank right turn light as well.

peter deprins - 04/08/13 - 12:14pm

carbide stone bicycle gaslamp !

Rob - 04/08/13 - 12:14pm

kerosene headlamp for bikes.

Steve Y - 04/08/13 - 12:36pm

It’s a Vintage Neverout Kerosene bicycle lamp

Dean l - 04/08/13 - 1:19pm

Bicycle lantern/ light

Chris S. - 04/08/13 - 1:36pm


Alex - 04/08/13 - 3:22pm

It’s a lanterne rouge from the Tours.

zohurap - 04/08/13 - 5:07pm

New Sram 22 lumen headlight.

Loki - 04/08/13 - 5:45pm

Packable hookah pipe with built in air vented cherry holder from the glory days of riders with names like Giove and Palmer ?

Rico - 04/08/13 - 7:30pm

Wall-mounted salt dispenser and magnifying makeup mirror in ‘distressed galvanized metal’ finish.

Campy Seatpost - 04/08/13 - 7:36pm

Late 80s Dunlop valve extender by Zipp

Dave - 04/08/13 - 9:09pm

It is a carbide lamp, my dad used them when he worked in the coal mine in the 40’s.

Bruce B. - 04/08/13 - 9:52pm

Carbide arc lamp. Very bright!

seramik - 04/09/13 - 6:06am

acetylene front light

Kristibee - 04/09/13 - 6:54am

Answer from Jeff at First Flight Bicycles: “Carbide light, used carbide rocks in the base that, when combined with water, gave off a gas which was lit.”

DJ - 04/10/13 - 2:16pm

It’s the lantern rouge. The red lantern that the person with the biggest time in the Tour would have to carry.


Egon - 12/24/13 - 7:38am

Seiss Mfg Co Bicycle oil Lamp

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